Canadian Sikhs Speak Up After Gurdwara Graffiti In Calgary

Sikh Society Calgary – Image: CBC

CALGARY, Canada—The Sikh Society of Calgary was a victim of hate crime yesterday when swastika signs were sprayed on the premises.

The Gurdwara Sahib is the latest in a string of such attacks that seem to be on the increase after the win of Donald Trump, across the border in USA. A 35% increase of hate crime, announced by the FBI, in NYC alone since Trump’s win is an alarming statistic alone. Similar spikes have been noticed throughout the USA.

Whilst Canada has seen a small rise of hate related events, the latest attack on Sikh premises in Calgary has been strongly condemned by both Sikh representatives and local authorities.

Vice President for the World Sikh Organization in Alberta, and Calgary resident, Tejinder Singh Sidhu said, “While we are saddened to see the racist vandalism of the Sikh Society of Calgary, it comes at a time when we are seeing racist, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic vandalism in several places across Canada.  These deplorable acts are motivated by ignorance and all Canadians must stand in solidarity to ensure that racist and discriminatory rhetoric is loudly rejected. The Sikh community has always responded to such incidents with education and outreach and we will be doing so again this time with the support and cooperation of the local community.”

In September this year, a leaflet entitled “F*** Your Turban” was distributed at the University of Alberta. The Sikh community spun the hate on it’s head with a counter-campaign entitled “Funk Your Turban”. The campaign received large praise as it successful targeted the hate with positivism.



  1. Yes Canada is one of the safest country for Sikhs, especially when compared to corrupt India. A little vandalism on a sign doesn’t scare Sikhs in Canada and they can just put more security cameras around and that’ll solve the issues

  2. Jasmin Kaur I think your anger is misdirected. Canadian Sikhs are progressive law abiding citizens and are more happy to let the legal system handle justice.

    This is a one off incident and the Sikhs of Canada enjoy the safest and most respectful atmosphere to practice their relegion compared to any other country on this planet.


    Your fellow Sikh(who’s also 2nd generation Canadian)


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