Sikh Empire Exhibition To Be Held In Australia

MELBOURNE, Australia—A culmination of 30 years of research will see an extensive exhibition take place in Melbourne, Australia next week. The Australian Indian Historical Society will be participating in The Sikh Empire Exhibition, between the 17 – 20 of December, at the Drill Hall – Multicultural Hub in Melbourne.

Hosted by the Supreme Sikh Council of Australia, the event will showcase Sikh items of collection, including a “Gutka Sahib” (Sikh Holy Prayer book), dating from the year 1900. 

Len Kenna and Crystal Jordan, researchers from the AIHS will be participating and sharing their extensive research into early migrators and settlers of Sikh origin. They had earlier found information of Sikhs arriving in Australia as early as 1844, almost 100 years earlier than previous thought.

The Sikh Empire Exhibition is an Educational photo exhibition focusing on the arts, architecture and remnants of Sikh Empire, the Sikh History and the Australian Sikh Heritage.

The three sections of the exhibition will aim to educate the Australian multicultural community about the history and culture of Sikh Nation. The Exhibition will open with an opening ceremony at the Drill Hall Multicultural Hub, 26 Therry St Melbourne.



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