UK: Meeting at Guru Nanak Gurdwara Smethwick ends with walk out of Sangat

2015-03-14_smethwickSMETHWICK, UK—A meeting was called by some UK fringe groups on October 22, 2016 at Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Smethwick.  The meeting was promoted and attended by Sangat TV trustee Randhir Singh Sidhu, Charan Singh Dharam Yudh Jatha, Satvinder Singh Jagowala and group, Jaswinder Singh Jassi ‘Shabeelwala’, International Panthik Dal amongst others from the Tividale Gurdwara.

The meeting was called in an effort to agree action against Bhai Ranjit Singh Dhandrianwale for allegedly attacking Darbar Sahib and attacking Gurbani.  Various people gave their views, many for Ranjit Singh Dhandrianwala and others against him.  Jagowale and International Panthik Dal members were seeking a country wide ban against Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwala.

During the meeting, the Jagowale and Charan Singh Tividale were in first-time tension upon seeing the mass opposition support turnout to challenge their claims.  Sangat TV trustee Randhir Singh Sidhu and Manjeet Singh Khanowala in particular angered the sangat when they started twisted words by Dhadrianwale.  Sikh Sangat lashed out at these elements.  Particularly, the links of Sangat Television (Official) trustee Randhir Singh Sidhu with ex-Jathedar Gurbachan Singh, Harnam Singh Dhumma of Mehta and close connection with the Badal Dal remained a serious concern for the sangat.  Randhir Singh Sidhu had played a prominent role in organizing the meeting.

Along with these self-proclaimed leaders, several Sikh youth also attended the meeting.  A young Gurikh bibi spoke in defence of Ranjit Singh Dhandrianwala and stated he is not speaking against Gurbani, but he is being targeted. She said the ones who need to go “pesh” are the ones who fired bullets on other Sikhs and said they would do it again (reference to the Harnam Singh Dhumma group). Immediately Paramjit Singh Dhadi and other members of the International Panthik Dal caused a huge fuss and begun shouting at the young Bibi, not allowing her to speak.

At this time, the majority of the sangat present decided to walk out of the meeting realizing the strings were being pulled from Punjab (Dhumma/Badal) through their UK connections who have now begun the infiltration process. Organizers were left embarrassed with no outcome and for now.

Sikh24 had earlier published an op/ed exposing the ties of Jagowale and International Panthik Dal with pro-RSS leaders in Punjab.


  1. Mannnnn….. this lust for political power gonna ruin thier homes and heads by the tym.. tym will speak, whn it is rgt..!! FGS…. stop this stupid play (sheep will follow sheep) be a loin and don’t let the humanity die inside urself… wht will left is all damnnnn dead conscience..!!

  2. HMMMM…… Interesting
    This comment is clearly biased. The bibi is daughter of a prominent taksal parcharak but obviously doesn’t fit your agenda so must be something behind it (like saying she’s marrying someone from Nkj).

    Regardless of whether they were Akj or not, there was a mass walk out due to the fact that the taksal elders were acting like little kids and interrupting any viewpoint that contradicted their own. But again just ignore that and try and turn it into Akj having an agenda. Good luck with the rest of your conspiracies!

  3. So the people who sit in the company of RSS/Badal are now going to tell us the true meaning of Gurbani. You people are supporting corrupt persons full of hankar, dhumma tividale jagowale sold their Sikhi, pick juthia of Badal. UK, international, Punjab Sangat will show they have better understanding of bani and character, than through your dollar sign spectacles. The end is now for dhumma, jagowale and tividale. You are anti Sikh anti Panth.

  4. HMMMM……interesting.

    This article is clearly biased. There was a mass AKJ walkout not a mass SANGAT walk out. funny how the akjs got the young ‘taksali (more like probably getting married to an NKJ character)’ bibi to talk…….maybe because she was just one that could speak Punjabi properly.

    the accusations about Badal are quite funny………people who believe in pooran gurmaryada, don’t question sarovar and darbar sahib are suddenly labelled Badals puppets……….lets not be stupid.

    dhandhriawalo and his strange cult have been changing gurbani meanings for a long time……and now enough is enough it is as simple as that.


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