BREAKING: Joga Singh Khalistani’s Audio Reveals He Was Forced To Confess Against Bapu Surat Singh

File Photo: Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa with Sikh Activists

LUDHIANA, Punjab—A leaked audio recording of Bhai Joga Singh Khalistani speaking with one of his acquaintance reveals that he was forced to confess and make statements against Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa.  The recording was leaked from Bhai Joga Singh’s cell phone after his passing away.  In the audio recording, Bhai Joga Singh talks about Sikh leaders sabotaging Sikh political struggles.

“I was forced to make statements against Bapu Surat Singh by “Gill”.  This person pressured me a lot to go against [Bapu] Surat Singh,” says Joga Singh in the recorded phone call.

“Joga Singh, I am telling you, these people misused you and you fell to their trap.  Brother, you only have just one or two months before they silence you for ever.  Whatever you did, it did not change Bapu Surat Singh, neither his supporters.  In fact, you turned half of the Panth against you,” says Joga Singh’s acquaintance  whose name we are keeping anonymous for now.

The recording was shared with Sikh24 over Whatsapp.  We have confirmed its validity with Bhai Joga Singh’s close friends.  Sukhpal Singh Phullanwal, who along with Joga Singh had issued statements against Bapu Surat Singh, also confessed that the audio recording is true.

Bhai Joga Singh’s motorcycle was hit from the back, causing him to suffer severe injuries in July 2016.  He passed away earlier this month at the DMC Hospital in Ludhiana.  Sources close to Bhai Joga Singh revail that he was deeply disturbed at the working of Sikh leadership, especially how they misused Bapu Surat Singh’s political struggle, however, he was forced to not issue a public statement.

Our sources have suggested that the person being referred to as Gill is a respectful Sikh leader based out of Ludhiana.  While Sikh24 has verified his details, we will be releasing the audio recording along with additional details of this person in the coming days.

Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa is on a hunger protest since January 2015.  Joga Singh Khalistani remained a staunch support of Bapu Ji’s struggle, however earlier this year, he withdrew his support.  His move had surprised many, however, despite such attempts, Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa continued his struggle.


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