Jathedar Nandgarh appreciates Jathedar Hawara’s efforts of uniting Sikh community

2014-11-13- nandgarhBARNALA—Former Jathedar of Takht Sri Damdama Sahib, Giani Balwant Singh Nandgarh, has warmly appreciated Jathedar Hawara’s recent initiatives to unite the Sikh Panth.  Jathedar Nandgarh told Sikh24 on October 19 that by assigning the responsibility of leading Sarbat Khalsa 2016 event to ‘Panj Piares’, Jathedar Jagtar Singh Hawara has reiterated the Sikh traditions.

Jathedar Nandgarh said that the ‘Panj Piare’ need to thoroughly deliberate upon the Sikh principles regarding Sarbat Khalsa 2016.  He appealed the ‘Panj Piares’ to take all the worldwide Sikh bodies into confidence and ensure their presence in the scheduled Sikh congregation on November 10, 2016.

“They have a tough task in front of them, but taking all Jathebandis into confidence is the need of the hour and no one can do it better than these Singhs,” Jathedar Nandgarh said. 

Notably, the Akal Takht Jathedar (appointed by Sarbat Khalsa 2015) Jagtar Singh Hawara had earlier directed the ‘Panj Piare’ to lead Sarbat Khalsa 2016 event scheduled to be held on November 10, 2016. The ‘Panj Piares’ had accepted his directions and had called upon a meeting of Sikh bodies on October 18.

Simranjit Singh Mann led faction had been opposing Jathedar Hawara’s move of bringing sacked ‘Panj Piares’ forth for leading Sarbat Khalsa 2016 event. Contrary to the ‘Panj Piares’, Jathedar Dhian Singh Mand along with Bhai Baljit Singh Daduwal and Bhai Amrik Singh Ajnala have announced to pursue their meetings across Punjab regarding Sarbat Khalsa 2016 event.

At a function in Sri Fatehgarh Sahib, 2015 appointed Jathedars announced their own 7 member committee to organize Sarbat Khalsa 2016.


  1. We Sikhs need to unitedly RESURRECT our selves from all our historical injustices , cruelties and genocides.

    We then need to morph our selves as space faring people and boldly go to distant planets ,galaxies and parallel Universes into infinity.


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