Phoolka Draws Parallel Between 1984’s Sikh Genocide and Unrest in Haryana

Gathering at the Chandni Banquet Hall

BRAMPTON, Canada—Just before ending his tour of Canada, S. HS Phoolka compared the recent unrest in Haryana to the 1984 anti-Sikh massares.

At a press conference at Chandni Banquet Hall in Brampton, Canada on March 6, former Supreme Court of India lawyer, Harvinder Singh Phoolka, said that the recent political unrest in Haryana has resulted in an atmosphere similar to that which caused the genocide of Sikhs in November, 1984.  Phoolka added that when political parties back extremist elements of society, then the prevalence of lawlessness becomes common. He said that a similar kind of mentality existed at the time of 1992’s Mumbai riots and 2002’s Gujrat riots.

S. Phoolka has been fighting the cases of Sikh genocide victims for a long time and currently he is working with AAP in Punjab.  He claimed that AAP is invested in helping 1984 Sikh genocide victims get the justice they deserve.

S. Phoolka said that his reason for visiting Canada was to inform the Canadian Punjabi community about the crises in Punjab.

Several thousand attendees were presenting during the speech by HS Phoolka.  He spoken often about the 1984 massacres and drew parallels between recent incidents of violence in Haryana and massacres in Delhi.  Spoke about mass murders of Sikhs, looting and vandalizing of Sikh businesses, loss of lives and properties, etc. while he compared them to the incidents in Haryana.




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