Elderly Sikh Who Slapped Akali Minister in Critical Condition

BATHINDA, Punjab—Just four days after Sukhbir Badal warned the people in Punjab to stay away from Akalis, an elderly Sikh slapped Minister Sikandar Maluka in Hamirpur, Bathinda.  S. Jarnail Singh, 65, who slapped Maluka is in a serious condition.  He was admitted to the Guru Gobind Singh Medical Hospital in Faridkot after supporters of Maluka thrashed him severely.

S. Jarnail Singh was beaten so severely by Maluka’s supporters and members of the Youth Akali Dal that he became unconscious. Police took him to the local Civil Hospital in Bhagta Bhaike, however doctors referred him to Guru Gobind Singh Medical Hospital in Faridkot.

The incident of slapping Maluka took place when he was addressing his supporters ahead of the November 23 rally called by the Akali Dal.  During Maluka’s speech, S. Jarnail Singh was sitting in the front row before he planned Maluka.

Growing Wrath of Punjabis a Concern for Akalis

Akalis are preparing for a major rally on November 23 to show their strength and undermine the gathering of Sarbat Khalsa.  However, the situation in Punjab remains tense after continuous cases of Guru Granth Sahib’s sacrilege.  In a separate case yesterday, locals vandalized the place where the November 23 rally is scheduled to take place.  The tent was removed overnight by unidentified persons.

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  1. Learn to respect your

    1) Elected representatives
    2) Police
    3) Army
    4) Laws

    Any change you want to see should be by a Democratic means .


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