Akal Takht Sahib Jathedar Sends Message to Sikh Nation from the Tihar Jail

NEW DELHI—Earlier today, the following message was sent by Jathedar Bhai Jagtar Singh the Tihar Jail.  Bhai Hawara had a court hearing regarding plea by the CBI to reconvert his life sentence to death penalty.  While the Jathedar has sent his message to the Sikh Nation through a letter, a number of Sikh delegates weren’t allowed to see him.  Houses of prominent Sikhs who have met Bhai Hawara a number of times in past were raided and few were taken into custody, along with his relatives near Patiala area.

Following is the translation of the sandesh issued by Sri Akal Takht Sahib Jathedar –

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Over the past few days this servant has been indirectly receiving messages from many Sikh devotees regarding the seva of taking care of the highest temporal seat, the Akal Takht.

Of course I apologise that due to powers beyond my control I have not yet been able to communicate my views to the Sikh sangat. However, when I made contact with my panthik brothers, I politely requested that even though I do not want to take on the seva of Akal Takht Jathedar, I have taken into account the appreciation shown by the Sikh sangat and the main purpose you addressed, that as the Chief Sevadaar the whole Sikh community can move towards unity. When I agreed the seva I did so with the condition that all Sikh organisations and representatives from all over the world will fully participate in the Sarbat Khalsa. I will now be acquiring full knowledge of what happened at the Sarbat Khalsa from my brothers who attended, because until now the only information I have read has been through one state newspaper, which has not provided the full picture. I will gather information from the Sikh leadership and Skh sangat that participated in the Sarbat Khalsa and then I will put forward my views. For the moment, I have received information through the media only. Accordingly, the global movement of large gatherings started by Guru Nanak has taken shape directly and indirectly in this Sarbat Khalsa and appreciating the feelings of the organisations that attended I am in agreement with the resolutions that have been put forward.

I strongly urge and appeal for the global Khalsa nation and especially the Sikh youth, with a challenge to you all, to take action to stop the disrespect of Guru Granth Sahib Ji yourselves. Our thinking that governments and the law will protect our Gurdwaras is like an anticipation we should keep on the same level as betrayal. My challenge to the Sikh youth is that from now on use Sikh traditions to look after your Gurdwaras. In every village, town and city, the Gurdwara should be guarded. Co-ordinate with the Gurdwara management and create an early defense system. Think of it as your duty and responsibility in every situation.

I request the Sikh leadership to always remember and have the sacrifice of the martyrs from 1978 till today in the forefront of your mind when you make decisions.

Finally, I request the Sikh leadership when you make any decisions you remember the 1 978 Sikh struggle and the first martyr Shaheed Bhai Fauja Singh and his 12 colleagues to the 1984 massacre in which Shaheed Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale , Shaheed Bhai Sukhdev Singh Babbar and colleagues sacrifices are always remembered when you make any decisions.
The Shromani Committee whose responsibility it is to look after society’s welfare have neglected their duties, such as children’s education, religious education and learning the traditions including that of our wedding ceremony.

Jagtar Singh Hawara
Tihar Jail


  1. Hawara will be used by Empire to make a Bhinderwala -2 out of him .
    They will use him and then dump him like they did to Osama bin Laden.

  2. Use CCTV , Security and intelligence to protect your holy book.

    Also learn to


    Guru Granth Sahib as and when it is injured by a new one.

    Also have a infinite number of Guru Granth Sahibs in every home ,village , town ,country ,continents ,Planets , Galaxies, Universes and Parallel Universes .

    Don’t Get provoked by some stupid and silly organizations behind this Beadabi who wants to provoke you.

  3. Wgjkk wgjkf
    Jathedar hawara ji is right
    Gurdwaras should have and always have had people guarding had Guru Granth Sahib Ji at all times

    This needs to be done at every Gurudwara


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