SikhFeed – Understanding the Situation in Punjab


1. Badal’s vote bank decreases significantly in Punjab.  People are fed up after the lack of interest shown by the Punjab Government in cases of Guru Granth Sahib’s beadbi.  One of the factors behind decreasing vote bank is that no interest has been shown by the Government towards Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa’s demands despite his 8 month long hunger strike.

A library photo of Giani Gurbachan Singh
A library photo of Giani Gurbachan Singh

2. BJP’s distances with Shrimoni Akali Dal (Badal) are increasing day by day.  Badal influences hukamnama in favour of Gurmeet Ram Rahim to get the votes of his followers.  Meanwhile BJP attempts to secure Sikh votes as it announces release of Bhai Waryam Singh, a 70 year old Sikh political prisoners behind bars for last 25 years.

Poster of MSG-2
Poster of MSG-2

3. Sikhs all over the world object the decision issued by the appointed Jathedars.  In the meantime, posters of Raam Rahim’s new movie go up in Punjab.  Giani Mal Singh of Anandpur Sahib – one of the appointed Jathedars who approved Ram Rahim’s pardon, is attacked but survives.

4. Sikhs announce Sarbat Khalsa, seek new Takht Jathedars to free Sikh institutions from Akali Dal.  SGPC President opposes the call for Sarbat Khalsa while pro-Akalis appeal Sikhs to accept authority and hukamnama issued by Akal Takht Sahib.


5. In the meantime, a 4 month old case comes to the fore as Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s ripped angs are discovered by Sikhs in the streets of village Bargeri near Faridkot in Punjab.  Despite numerous requests by local Sikhs, Government failed to take action and register a case.  A letter circulates online that warns Sikhs to look out for similar cases of sacrilege.

File Photo: Sikh activists before they were attacked by the police
File Photo: Sikh activists before they were attacked by the police

6. Protest takes place in Kotkapura and dozens of eminent Sikh leaders are arrested.  Police uses force to disperse protesters.  Protests then escalate throughout Punjab.


7. During one of the peaceful protests, police fires upon the protesters.  Since protests escalated last week, 4 Sikhs have died.

Akal Takht Letter closeup

8. Appointed Jathedars take back decision on Gurmeet Ram Rahim, however still fail to attend any protests.  No arrests are made by the Government.

Dharna on National Highway at village Rasool pur nehran, 5 km from Tarn Taran. Congress leader Harminder Singh Gill and other prominent Sikh hardliner leaders were also present here.

9. As protests intensify in Punjab, several politicians submit resignations.  Rivals of the Akali Dal seek President’s rule in Punjab, that will break the State Government and put Punjab under the rule of the governor.

Tarn Taran 4

10. Subsequently, cases of sacrilege continue in Punjab in places like Ludhiana and Moga.  So do protests.


  1. Some Smart fellow got to find a right equation for the relation between these four variables :–

    1) Sikh People — “x”
    2) Akal Takth — –“Y”
    3) SGPC ———–“z”
    4) Akali Dal —— ‘a”

    This will then Prevent confusion like these from ensuing.
    This equation will need frequent revisions time to time.

    As for Sacrileges and the Killings in a mob is concerned my opinion is that what is occurring is a

    Regime Change:–

    “EMPIRE” is probably orchestrating a Regime change in Punjab.
    They want a change in Punjab’s political order some thing like the Assad of Syria or Saddam of Iraq so that anarchy and chaos ensues in Punjab.

    Honorable CM Mr Prakash Singh Badal will have to summon all his resources, wisdom and Intelligence to continue to be on the throne of Punjab .

    My Good wishes are with him and his team.


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