Relief Work by Coalition of Sikh Organizations Continues in Nepal

KATHMANDU, Nepal—Relief work by the Coalition of Sikh Organizations is continuing with great success and fervour in Nepal. There are now multiple teams set up in Nepal with the relief under the banner of Sikhi –

  • One team is helping to set up regular Langar in Gurdwara Lalitpur in Kathmandu
  • Two teams are visiting various remote settlements and encampments where no aid has so far been provided for two purposes:
  • One team is working with medical professionals to provide Medical aid and providing essential treatment
  • One team is distributing food supplies to people to take back home, supplies including dry food like rice, biscuits, salt and daal.

There is a another team from Mumbai that will be leaving for Nepal in the next day and they will add to the Sikh presence in Nepal, and help as many people affected as possible. There is a plan in place to rotate volunteers so the first team out will have the opportunity to go back home to their families while subsequent teams will go in to ensure there is no break in the relief effort.

Sikh Volunteers went to a remote village today, there they found a young girl and her grandmother.  The grandmother had an open gash on her arm from fallen debris, they hadn’t seen any aid and no one had come to help them since the earthquake hit. The granddaughter ran up to one of the team members and cried saying ‘grandma hurting’. Medical treatment was given to clean the wound and when a volunteer went to put a bandage on, the granddaughter said, “I will do it, I will remember this act of kindness.”





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