Exclusive: Sikh Relief Team Assist Thousands Affected by Deadly Kashmir Floods

KASHMIR & JAMMU, India—The Sikh Relief (SOPW) team have 2014-09-16-sikh relief10been assisting the thousands affected by the Kashmir floods.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been trapped by flooding in Kashmir, with an estimated 200,000 stranded in Indian-administered Kashmir alone.

More than 75,000 people are still in partly submerged homes in Kashmir’s main city of more than a million people, where roads have been transformed into canals strewn with wreckage, trash and dead animals, threatening disease.

While criticism of both the Indian and Pakistani governments’ handling of the disaster had been growing, the Sikh Rel2014-09-16-sikh relief7ief team have continued to travel by air, road and boat to assist those in need.

In dangerous conditions, the team have made their ways to those cut off by the floods, providing essentials such as medicines, baby milk and warm clothes to vulnerable young and elderly who had been without food or clean water for days.

The Sikh Relief team also conducted a charity bike ride to raise funds for the disaster. The bike ride, on the 14th of September, saw volunteers set off from Singh Sabha Gurdwara in Ilford, travelling full circle via Park Avenue Gurdwara in Southall.

Sikh Relief are one of few humanitarian organizations to have made there way out into the disaster zone in order to physically distribute aid.



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