Canadian Resident Sundeep Kaur Passes Away From Cancer While Waiting to See Her Family

2014-09-16- canada visaSURREY, BC, Canada—Sandeep Kaur Kang had been waiting to see her parents and husband ever since she was diagnosed with breast and brain cancer. She had tried hard to find the fastest ways to get her family in Canada but her family’s visas kept getting denied.

Citizenship and Immigration of Canada has shown extreme heartlessness in her case. They kept denying Sandeep Kaur’s family from visiting and supporting her as she was going through this tragic time. “I am alone, I have no one here, my husband to be here with me and support me is very essential to me right now,” Sandeep said while conducting an interview.

Sandeep Kaur also tried to leave Canada and go to India to get treated so she could have the support of her family as well, but doctors and immigration denied her this as they said that she was in no condition to be traveling at the time.

Sandeep Kaur passed away due to breast and brain cancer on August 17th at Surrey Memorial Hospital. She never got to see her family and passed away in her hospital bed alone. They have now even refused Sandeep’s family a visa to attend her funeral. 




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