Sikh Group Seeks Information on Modi’s Trip to USA Next Month

Sikhs For JusticeNEW YORK, US—Sikhs For Justice, a human rights group based out of New York, has questioned Obama’s decision to invite Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the United States.  Sikhs for Justice has filed a request under the Freedom of Information Act to seek additional information pertaining to the invitation for next month.

The request has been made to obtain documents relating to 2005 ban on Narendra Modi that was originally imposed by the US Government.  The ban was lifted after Narendra Modi was elected as India’s Prime Minister recently. Modi was allegedly denied visa to the US due to his involvement as the Chief Minister in 2002 carnage against Muslims in Gujarat. 

After the recently contested elections in India, in which the BJP came into power, President Barrack Obama personally invited Modi to visit the White House.  The meeting for both leaders is supposed to take place next month.

Sikhs For Justice has stated that it is a serious concern that Modi was initially denied visa in 2005 due to violations of human rights, however he is being allowed to visited the United States only 9 years later.  The New York based Sikh organization has stated that it is extremely important for the American public to know on what basis Narendra Modi is being allowed in the country.


  1. Dear Sikh Brothers, It will do no good to Sikhs in indulging in negative politics. People are getting fed up of negativity and want to hear positive things. If you really want to serve the Sikhi, please go among the downtrodden and bring them in Sikh fold. Try to eradicate castism from Sikhs, educate Sikh masses who are addicted to drugs in Punjab. Please think positive and don’t become political tools of someone else.


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