New Yorkers Rally in Support of Sikh Father Run Down in Hate Crime

NEW YORK, US—Exactly two years after a racist gunman took six lives and injured many others at a Gurdwara in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, New Yorkers of diverse backgrounds led by the Sikh community rallied in support of Sandeep Singh, a Sikh American father who was run over by a truck last week moments after the driver called him a “terrorist” and told him to “go back to your country.”

Remembering the lives lost at Oak Creek, Sandeep Singh’s wife, Prabhpreet Kaur spoke at the rally and demanded justice for her husband. She also read a moving statement from Sandeep, which he recorded from his hospital bed: “I am in a great deal of pain, but I will survive. I was attacked because I am a Sikh and because I look like a Sikh. Justice should be served so that no one else goes through what I have been through. We need to create a world without hate.”


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