Harsimrat Badal: Haryana Sikhs or Hooda Have No Right To Form Separate Committee

Harsimrat Badal
Harsimrat Badal

BATHINDA, Punjab—Ignoring thousands of Sikhs who attended the Kaithal convention yesterday in Haryana, Akali MP Harsimrat Badal has stated that Haryana Sikhs, backed by Congress Chief Minister Bhupinder S Hooda, have no right to declare a separate committee. She stated that only the  SGPC and Akal Takht Sahib could decide if Haryana could have its own committee to manage local affairs.

Harsimrat made this statement while speaking with members of the press earlier today.

This statement has come after Jagdish Singh Jhinda, Didar Singh Nalwi, along with other Sikh leaders announced they are forming a separate Gurdwara committee in Haryana. Jhinda said this movement was like a “second independence” for the Sikhs in the State who were tired of receiving “step-motherly” treatment from the Akali Dal and SGPC.

Chief Minister Hooda has stated that he will pass the law to establish a separate committee in the next meeting of the legislative body so that the HSGPC receives legal status in the state.

The following statement was posted by Harsimrat Badal on her Facebook fan page –

APPEAL TO ALL SIKHS: Congress has always tried to demoralize, divide and finish Sikhs. First Congress attacked Sri Darbar Sahib to demoralize Sikhs; then they did Qatl-e-Aam in Delhi to finish Sikhs and now they are trying to once again divide Sikhs by bring separate Gurdwara Committee. SIKHS ARE UNITED AND WILL ALWAYS REMAIN UNITED. Congress has once again declared war on Akal Takht. They tried to undermine the authority of Akal Takht through their puppet Delhi Committee earlier and failed. Now they have tried the Haryana route to divide Sikhs and make them oppose Akal Takht orders. I appeal to Sikhs all over the world to be united in this war initiated by the Congress against Akal Takht. All Sikhs across party lines, regions should come together and stand United.


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