Letters: SGPC and Baba Dhumma Fail To Upkeep 1984 Ghallughara Gurdwara at Darbar Sahib, Amritsar

2014-07-07 Darbar Sahib Sheets

Harmandir Sahib is known to be a very pious place where high standards are maintained by the staff caretakers as well as the sangat there. However for the past couple of days, the 1984 Shaheed Memorial Gurdwara has been ignored jointly by SGPC and the Damdami Taksal. Visitors to the place can witness lack of care being provided to his complex. This Gurdwara is in memory of Sikh Shaheeds.

When I went there, even the sheets that were being used were very dirty, there were no sevadars present there. This is unusual because SGPC sevadars are always present at Gurdwaras in the shrine. At all other places at the Darbar Sahib, there is usually continuous recital of Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji going on, but here, there was no Akhand Path sahib going on.

I am sending you pictures from a normal camera, so please post them as you can tell what I am talking about even from these pictures.

This does not look good for a Gurdwara that is built within the Sachkhand.

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