Dal Khalsa: If BJP can stick to Hindutava, why can’t SAD to Sikhism?

_71316957_sikh5AMRITSAR SAHIB—Dal Khalsa today said the BJP has reasserted its Hindutva agenda in its election manifesto and there was nothing new in it. The organization is however, highly critical that Shiromani Akali Dal has shelved the Sikh agenda fearing loss of Hindu votes and were blind to see the real designs of its alliance partner.

Dal Khalsa’s political secretary Kanwar Pal Singh said if the BJP can stick to its Hindutva agenda why Akalis were so scared that they can’t talk of core Sikh issues. “The Hindutva influence has corrupted the rank and file of one-time political party of the Sikhs and has allowed Capt Amrinder Singh to hijack elements of the Panthik agenda for the anti-Sikh Congress Party”, said Kanwar Pal Singh.

He said the threat the BJP poses to the Sikhs and Punjab was both internal and external. Spelling out the real agenda of the BJP, he said the ideology of Sangh Brotherhood was to eliminate all diversity from the subcontinent and bring everything under the umbrella of Hinduism and establish Hindu Rashtra.

Reacting sharply on BJP manifesto, he said the proposed implementation of uniform civil code was in total contrast to Sikh demand for separate Personal Law. “Sikhs aspire to have their own separate personal law, while the BJP’s agenda aims to crush Sikh aspirations and subsume their distinct identity”.

The Sikhs of Punjab wants peaceful co-existence with Pakistan and over recent years the process of reconciliation between East and West Punjab has been undertaken with results beneficial to the Sikhs and Muslims.

The healing process and friendship between two Punjab’s will be terminated by the BJP, if it comes to power, to the detriment of the Sikh’s national sentiments and Punjab’s economic and cultural growth, he said.

The Congress organised massacres of the Sikhs in November 1984 and this was emulated by the BJP against Muslim minority 18 years later. Clearly, BJP had learned nothing from the crimes of the past but saw a purpose in using the same methods once again to terrorize a non-Hindu minority.

This proves beyond any doubt that BJP and Congress were two sides of the same coin. They were political opponents but ideologically stand on the same foundations, he pointed out.


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