No Justice to Tilak Vihar Sikhs After Independence Day Carnage in Delhi

Police Force and some of the damage at Tilak Vihar
Police Force and some of the damage at Tilak Vihar

NEW DELHI—A meeting was held at Gurdwara Shaheed Ganj this past Monday to discuss the the Tilak Vihar carnage.  During the meeting, local Sikhs pressed for various issues, including –

1)      Increasing security for the Tilak Vihar colony by installing surveillance cameras

2)      Raising the wall that divides Tilak Vihar colony from the Balmiki colony

3)      Providing compensation to the attack victims

4)      Stern action against the police officers who were involved in attacks against the Sikhs

Mahabal Misra, member of Parliament from West Delhi promised that compensation would be provided to the victims and action would be taken against the guilty police officers.  He alleged that a commission would investigate the events and take the needed actions to provide justice.

As per reports by S. Ajmer Singh Randhawa, this did not satisfy the local Sikhs as they have “seen nearly a dozen commissions in their life which failed to deliver them any justice.”  Ajmer Singh Randhawa alleged that the Orphan Sikh youth from Tilak Vihar were being falsely accused of carrying weapons.  He alleged that as per the video recordings of the incident, aside from one Sikh holding a kirpan, all others are seen unarmed.

A report by journalist Ajmer Singh also sheds lights on the possibility of this event being pre-planned.  He alleged that the SHO of Tilak Nagar is known to support the Balmikis and it is likely the attack was pre-planned under influence of some politicians.  Ajmer Singh has stated that the police opened fire against the Sikhs who were protecting their place of worship.  Sikh24 is trying to get more information about the claims of S. Ajmer Singh Randhawa.

It should be noted that so far no action has been taken against the culprits who attacked the Sikhs on India’s Independence day this past week.


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