EXCOMMUNICATED: Niddar “Singh” Receives Flak from Nihung Jathebandis

Niddar: A Sanatanist disguised as Nihang has been excommunicated by Nihang Jathebandis

LONDON, UK—The clan of UK neo-Nihungs has been raising confusion over Sikh traditions and practices for some time now.  Almost a year ago, Sikh24 Editors carried an editorial exposing the dubious leader of this clan – Niddar “Singh”, who claims to be the last living Sikh warrior.  Not too long ago, we also published another article that provided eye opening insight on the UK Nangs and their way of life.

Sikh24 is not the only organization that has come forward to expose this group.  In fact, this group has been under the radar of Nihung Singh Jathebandis in Punjab and India who have come out heavily against Niddar “Singh”.  Team of Sikh24 is publishing a letter of excommunication issued by Nihung Singh Jathebandis in name of Niddar.  The letter, along with its translation was sent to us by admins of shastervidiya.org.  This letter exposes the vary claim of Niddar Singh that he has any affiliation with Nihung Singh Dals.

The fol­low­ing is a trans­la­tion of the letter:

To the Esteemed Jathedar of the Akaal Takht,

We feel compelled to bring to your attention that Niddar Singh aka Surjit Singh Bains of Wolverhampton, UK is involved in anti-Sikh conspiracies and anti-Sikh parchaar on his websites.  He is diluting the Sikh philosophy by spreading that Sikhs are a part of Hinduism. With his heinous teachings he is misleading the Sikh sangat.

Niddar keeps changing the name of his akhara on his website to include names such as “Hindu Sanatan Shiv Akhara” and is falsely using the name of Jathedar Akali Baba Darbara Singh to legitimize himself.

Niddar Singh is stating that the Khalsa was born from Shiv Ji and not Guru Gobind Singh ji. He also proclaims falsely that the “Farla” of Nihang Singhs is sprouted from the Ganges River and that blue baana is from the colour of Shiva. He is also saying that the ‘chakar’ that Nihang Singhs wear on their dumalla is a sign of Shivji.

He is saying that the Sikh religion emerged from Hinduism and that Sikhi is just another samparda (sect) of the Hindu religion.  He is also teaching that Sikh Shastar Vidiya and Gatka is a branch of the Hindu Dharma.

Niddar Singh’s activities in the UK are upsetting and dividing Sikhs there. Guru Gobind Singh ji made the Khalsa unique however this fake Nihang is spreading doubts, confusion and slander within the Sikh Sangat.

On the 300th celebration of Guru Granth Ji’s Gurgaddi the sangat of Hazoor Sahib banned him from the celebrations due to his nefarious activities and anti-Sikh parchaar.

By putting the concerns of the Panth first, we recommend that this individual is brought before the Akal Takht to answer for his crimes and given punishment according to the Sikh faith so that the Sikh Sangat is freed of this confusion.

Signed by

Baba Joginder Singh — Jathedar of Budha Dal
Baba Avatar Singh — Jathedar of Bidhi Chand Dal
Baba Nihal Singh — Jathedar of Haria Vela Dal
Baba Gaj­jan Singh — Jathedar Tarana Dal (Baba Bakala)
Baba Harnam Singh — Jathedar Dam­d­ami Tak­sal  &  Sant Samaaj

Letter courtesy of shastervidiya.org


  1. I have met myself dear Nidar Singh and this is what I have to say about him as a person. He is very kind and nice. He is definitely ohnest and polite. He is teaching the science of weapons to everyone. His is not misleading anyone. He wants to preserve it. His teachings are from his heart.

  2. Sikh Vs Hindu
    Ek Onkar – Ekum Sach
    Charasi Lakh – Charasi Lack
    Kaal Juug – Kaal Juug
    Kesi Dhari – Kesi Dhari
    Chandi – Durga
    Akaal – Akaal
    Akali – Maha Akaal+Kali

    Mr NIHANG seems to be stating the obvious = MASSIVE OVERLAP AT THE VERY LEAST

    Its really nice to be presented with a more convincing alternative . . I’ll look into this. Not because I’m brainwashed, because I’m a Sikh.

  3. How come all but one of the signatories on this letter say they have not signed it? Niddar Singh aside, what is the Panths view about those who fake signatures of Gursikhs?


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