Sangat TV Reporter Attacked By Radhasoami Goons

Amritsar Sahib—Sangat Trust UK has demanded that the Police, Civil administration and Punjab Government round up the thugs of Radhasoami Satsang Beas who brutalized a reporter and cameraman of Sangat TV (UK) on the evening of July 28, 2012 at village Jodhan, Punjab.  The reporter was at Jodhan to cover the destruction of land belonging to local village residents.

Sikh24 was told that Baljeet Singh, reporter of Sangat TV was talking to local village residents, when he was violently attacked by a mob of Radhasoamis.  Baljeet Singh was in process of gathering information for a show titled “Qaumi Masle” for the Sangat TV depicting how Radhasoamis are forcing local villagers to sell their land.

It is notable that on May 18, 2008, two journalists, Davinder Singh Bhangu of Punjabi Tribune newspaper and Rajinder Rikhi of Dainik Bhaskar newspaper, were seriously attacked by Radhasoamis for no specific reason. Davinder Singh Bhangu was thrown into 35-40 foot deep well, whereas Rajinder Rikhi was abducted. As per allegations, Rikhi was badly beaten by Radhasoamis inside the Dera.

Local media has taken serious note of this weekend’s incident. Senior reporters from Rayya, a neighbouring town of Beas, extended their support and helped the Sangat TV crew in launching a complaint with the police.  A conference was organized by reporters from Rayya today in Jalandhar where the incident was condemned.  Sangat TV also issued a press release at the conference.  Randhir Singh, a trustee of Sangat Trust, condemned the incident and called this a grave attack on the freedom of press and rallied for collective support from all the sections of media in Punjab.  The press release can be found at this link.


The Radhasoami Dera has been in the limelight for the past few weeks for its role in destroying a local Gurdwara in the nearby Waraich village.  Sikh organisations, namely The Guru Granth Sahib Satkar Committee led by Bhai Balbir Singh Mucchal, The Dal Khalsa and Damdami Taksal (Ajnala) have come out to lead the movement against the illegal activities of the dera.  The Punjab Police and Government have promised a timely inquiry but no progress has been made as of yet.

The case has now taken an interesting turn as the attack on the Sikh journalist took place shortly after the Akal Takht had given a “clean chit” (all clear) to the the dera followers.  It is believed that the appointed Jathedar succumbed to pressure from Parkash Badal and the Majithia family, who have close ties with Radhasoami Cult leader Gurinder “Singh.”  Bikramjit Majithia, brother-in-law of Sukhbir Badal, is married to the daughter of Gurinder “Singh,” the current leader of the Radhasoamis.


  1. I think sikh panth should, care, generosity,equality to all humanity that nobody would leave sikhism..its their own fault when they don’t treat certain communities equally..they leave sikhism to find religious comfort somewhere else plus everyday fight in gurduaras..pulling each others beards in guru garanth sahib’s presence then police walk in guruduaras with dogs…people get frustrated and leave such religion…they should be brought back with love & logic not by swearing at them and at their newly found gurus

  2. So no one took pictures of them when they were back in beas or ghuman!All looks a flop story.Even in past some journalist tied to blackmail the university chancellor in jalandhar but they were caught by the aware police.
    All prostitue talk .
    It reminds me of a story where one prostitute claimed that she had been raped by two poor guys to extract money.later on the poor guys ended up in jail and with the efforts of legal government aid and lawyers help they were out of charges after two years.

  3. Mr. Indian Fake Sikh, what you are saying is sheer non-sense. You want people to record footage at the risk of their life just to show it to people like you who are not going to believe it even after watching that footage.
    Local media has taken serious note of this incident. SP (D) came to press to get complaint papers from reporter of sangat tv. SP (HQ)’s inquiry into the matter is marked by SSP (Amritsar Rural), who has visited the spot of incident. Dera has history of attacking press/media persons as in 2008 on May 18 they attacked two press reporters. Dera men were kept in lockup for 4 hours, as they had attacked on senior reporter of Punjabi tribune and Varinder Walia (Editor of Punjabi Tribune) had called for boy-cot of CM’s press conferences unless police takes strict action against accused dera men.
    Donot just try to fool people with your twisting words. Facts would speak for them selves. If you doubt my words contact Davinder Bhangu of Punjabi Tribune and Rajinder Rikhi of Dainik Bhaskar from Rayya and verify both incidents and get first hand information and also listen to them how dera is threat for people living in neighboring villages.

    • Well can you tell me then how police located their belongings intact at the place.No twisting here OK.This is just a cheap press so that sangat tv can divert the attention of sikhs from serious matters and counter other sikh channels..I know how some journalist were blackmailing top post people in jalandhar and police caught them red handed.

      None of the local media was named in the report .The catchy headline in yespunjab online newspapers even doesn’t include full details of local reporters.

      If SP has visited the spot then why no action or report came.I have done lot of investigations and experience says that something is fishy in terms of events reported by sangat reporter.

      Tomorrow sangat reporter will say Cat is dog and you are sort of guy who will agree with them. I don’t agree with sort of philosophy.

  4. i remeber these two press people tried to enter inside with cameras last year.
    they know that camera is not permitted inside. But they resisted. there are manny places in india and abroad where camera is not allowed. like in vaishno devi no leather or camera is allowed inside the gufa. so what they tried to go inside in the first place.
    These Sikh fanaticts should see the muslims. why they close there eyes when muslim rape there womens. Last month a women was rapped inside Nankana Sahib. i was reading a article yesterday about sikhs and hindus inside Pakistan.
    i am writing this in capital letters so read it properly.

    Population of Hindus and Sikhs Was 22% in Pakistan in 1950. And In 2012 it is under 0.5 %. Tell me You all Sikh loyalists. Where is your Sikhi gone. Why you closed your eyes. R u Scared? . Ask any sikh who went to pakistan that why there journy to Nankana sahib is at night. You can see a radaswami asaulted a tv news channel reporter. cant you see that 12 year old girl rapped by a muslim in Manchaster Last month and one sikh girl was rapped inside nankana sahib. Koi Rabb Da Darr Karo.

  5. Present Akal Takhat committee is a shame for the whole Sikh Kaum.

    Greed and money is their relegion.
    Badal and Majithia family is supported by BRAHMINS to kill sikhi from India.

    Unless SIKHS wakeup doom days are facing them.

    I cannot see why rich Sikhs dont Buy LAND in PUNJAB to save their HOME LAND.


  6. Sangat UK is trying to divert the attention of SIkhs as Sangat trust backed Italian Gurdwara committee has failed to persuade the Italian government on kirpan issue.Instead of accepting failure they are trying to divert the attention of Sadh Sangatji to other petty issues.Why don’t they tell the world that Daduwal disrespected Guru Granth Sahib Ji in past.
    This raises important question despite being disciplined by SGPC why he was made member of important gurdwara committee.

    The ex Tankahiya was given responsibility to solve important sikh issues in which he has failed.Why Sangat TV is backing daduwal?
    See the link below :

    All politics and something is fishy in the tv channel and Italian committee.

  7. Hello Sir,

    i attend Radha Soami Satsang’s. If there is any image of Gurudwara Sahib demolished or any recording or video you have of any satsang where they preach against Sikhism, Please let me know. I will be waiting. email me at [email protected].


  8. Just watched the Footage on Sangat Tv where i couldn’t see any people apart from their crew. Where is the mob ? It could be ghosts their which was hounding them.All lies .They need more experience and training to create drama or thrill. I can see one trolley moving and one another machine with no people.This was interesting that police recovered their all belongings intact from the location.It appears that they threw their stuff to fabricate the other party .What a cheap way to gain publicity and create tension in Punjab.

    The whole scenario reminds me of a story where one Shepherd shout that tiger has come but in fact he was lying.When the real tiger came no one from village bothered to help him.


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