38 Sikhs Blessed With Amrit in Amritsar Jail

AMRITSAR SAHIB—Thursday 28th June 2012, a historic and profound event took place in [behind] the walls of this [Amritsar]  jail: an Amrit Sanchaar – Sikh Baptism ceremony – was held for the very first time within the confines of the prison.

A total of 38 individuals, 35 men (Singhs – Lions) and 3 women (Kaurs – Princesses), arose in unity to illuminate a place as dark as a prison to tread a path of righteousness and join the Khalsa Panth (Sikh nation). The newly initiated had been inspired by the Parchaar (preaching) practiced by Bhai Pal Singh, a French citizen who has himself been physically tortured and illegally detained since July 2010, whose simple yet highly eloquent messages of “refrain from all drugs, honour women, and educate yourself” resonated with both the prisoners and wardens alike.

The Jail Superintendent and his fellow staff being so impressed by both the lifestyle, and loving devotion to fighting social injustices commented: “I have seen many who have come through the prison claiming to be Sants (saints)… THIS here is the FIRST REAL one.”

After the ceremony Bhai Pal Singh was permitted to give a speech where they [sic] reemphasised their [sic] message as well as encouraging more prisoners to give up on their misguided ways and to step forward with a “clear” record and live a more fulfilling, devoted and commendable life.

SOPW is amazed at the effect Bhai Pal Singh is having in such a short and restricted time period within the prison. The Chairman of SOPW, Bhai Balbir Singh Bains, recalls a short conversation a few months into Bhai Pal Singh’s incarceration, “Bhai Pal Singh felt that it was almost a divine calling from Waheguru (God) for them [sic] to be sent to prison. Whereas before they [sic] were at liberty to go village to village spreading a positive message amongst the people’s, it was time for them [sic] to deliver these messages where it was needed most, where nobody goes: prison.”

SOPW is humbled at the support of the Sangat (congregation, donors) for their support and blessings. Bhai Pal Singh has also received many post cards as part of the “Postcard Appeal” and have written to many school children from around the world. We wish to encourage everyone to continue such morale-boosting support.


  1. Saints in jails and thieves are ruling, this is reality of Punjab. People who took amrit might have very bad background(many of them may be booked on fake charges) but there is a good hope for them in future. Hopefully they will leave their past behind and submit themselves to Guru. I wonder how women came in contact with brother Pal Singh Purewal in the men’s jail.


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