Met Police Apologises to Sikhs for Mistreatment by Officers

LONDON, UK—Sikh24 recently reported the distressing situation when Amarjit Kaur’s car was stopped in South London by Metropolitan police officers this week.

We have now learnt that the Kirpan has been returned to the home of Amarjit Kaur by Chris Hafford, Superintendent and Deputy Borough Commander of Greenwich Police.

Chris Hafford was very apologetic, however, Amarjit Kaur made it very clear that she will be pursuing the complaint further. Amarjit Kaur gave a detailed account of the incident, following which the Superintendent agreed that the behaviour was unacceptable and that the compliant should be continued.

A meeting was held at Plumstead police station on the evening of 12th July with the Greenwich Borough Commander, Deputy Commander and a representative from the complaints department whom will be heading the investigation. The community was represented by Atma Singh (Gurdwara Singh Sabha Woolwich General Secretary), Nirmal Singh (Singh Sabha Woolwich President) and Jagir Kaur Sekhon (Councillor – Greenwich Council). We understand that the seriousness of the case was impressed upon the police. We await their response to the complaint.

South London Sikh Youth representative, Navrup Kaur in a statement said, “the way in which this whole episode has played out has left South London Sikh Community shocked and upset regarding how two law abiding elder members of society have been treated. We call for swift action to be taken to restore confidence in the Met Police and improve on community relations which have been severely damaged by the actions of these two police officers.”

South London Sikhs stand in support for Amarjit Kaur and her elderly mother, and support them in this challenging time and the torment they have been put through over the past week.

In a statement Greenwich Metropolitan Police Station has told Sikh24 that the Kirpan has been restored to the family by senior police officer and followed by a meeting with the community. The Met’s Department of Professional Standards have launched an investigation which is ongoing. They will meet with community after investigation has concluded to discuss findings. The two officers involved remain on duty as normal, not on restricted duty.


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