Two Women injured in Dundee Gurdwara Langar

DUNDEE, UKā€”Kuljit Bahia, 51, was helping prepare Langar on Sunday when she was left with “life changing injuries” from an explosion at Sri Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Dundee, Scotland.

At 9.10 am on Sunday in the kitchen at a Gurdwara in Dundee is when it’s belived a pressure cooker exploded, leaving Kuljit Kaur with what police described as “life-changing” injuries.

Tayside Police are continuing their investigation into the explosion, it is understood that a Health and Safety Executive will not be called in to carry out an examination of the incident as it is a place of worship and comes under Dundee City Council’s remit.

The police confirmed that there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the incident and are sure this was an accident. Kuljit Kaur was helping to prepare langar in the community kitchen which prepares free food as per Sikh traditions for the community.

Another 37-year-old woman who was also helping prepare Langar suffered injuries to her legs in the small explosion.

The two women, who were volunteers at the Gurdwara, were taken by paramedics to Ninewells Hospital after the incident.

The woman who lost the bottom of her right leg in the explosion is still in hospital, while the other woman who sustained injuries was treated in Ninewells before being released.

Tayside Fire and Rescue also attended the scene of the explosion and carried out spot checks to ensure the area was safe.

Whilst the tradition of Langar is important to the Sikh faith and Gurdwaras internationally, such incidents are very rare. It is hoped from this incident the community will bring health and safety training courses for key volunteers to help prevent such incidents in the future.


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