Recent Failed Indian Terror Attempts Raise Questions, Await Responses

  • No arrests made, however Lashkar-e-Tayyeba (LeT) and Babbar Khalsa International Alleged to be Behind Big Terror Plot
  • Police disclose little details, even records such as car registration information are also not disclosed
  • Terror Plot Supposedly Planned to Cause destruction during Diwali festival

AMBALA, Haryada—The Delhi Police, aided by their Haryana based counterparts announced a big triumph when they seized control of a car parked at the Ambala Cantonment railway station on October 13.  The car was alleged to be loaded with explosives.  According to police officials, at least 5 kilograms of RDX was recovered from the car, along with five detonators and two ABCD timers.  It was announced by DCP Arun Kampani (Special Cell) that the explosives had originated from Jammu and Kashmir under the behest of the Lakhkar-e-Tayyeba (LeT) organization, with the surprise cooperation of Babbar Khalsa International (BKI).

The joint police teams from Delhi and Haryana, while announcing their major breakthrough, told the press that the car was supposed to travel to New Delhi to terrify the country during the festivities of Diwali.  The amount of explosives recovered were allegedly enough for three deadly plots.  When the Delhi and Haryana police seized control of the car, it was empty—thus no arrests were made on the spot.  However, the police were swift to announce the involvement of LeT and BKI.  The car was allegedly driven to Ambala by LeT activists, who were supposedly to give the consignment to BKI, a perfect nexus of groups the government is in need to pursue.

Luckily, according to police reports, boxes of sweets from a sweet shop along with two local newspapers from Jammu were also recovered in this perfectly pristine car.  The Jammu & Kashmir Police have also started investigations to find out more about the “failed terror plot.”

Although CCTV scans from Lakhanpur toll booth at the Jammu-Pathankot barrier does confirm two occupants traveling in the car, no claims have been made by the police regarding these persons so far.  At the same time, even though the police had received ‘tips’ about the movement of explosives in the car ten days before it was seized, it is rather surprising that the car was not searched while en-route from J&K to Ambala.  At the same time, it is also surprising that the police did not wait for any persons to take control of the car in order to apprehend them.

Haryana and Delhi Police cells engaged in useless drama: "Police did not wait for any persons to take control of the car in order to apprehend them"

The recent so-called “triumph” of the Delhi and Haryana police also brings up other questions, such as why no claims were made about the owner of the car.  Such information, although readily available, is yet to be disclosed by the police.   One also wonders why the car was abandoned in a public place, instead of a private and quieter area.

Similar Plot in Haryana – Police Recover Explosives; Five Arrested in Relation

In another similar incident which took place this past Saturday on October 15th, the special task force of Haryana police nabbed yet another car loaded with explosives and weapons.  It should be mentioned that only brief details about this incident have been shared so far even though the amount of explosives allegedly recovered could have been used to cause destruction of a similar magnitude.   Five persons named Mukesh, Ramphal, Sultan, Rajendar and Dharmendra—all from Haryana—have been arrested in relation to this case by the team of Sub Inspector Rajbir Singh from the Ambala-Chandigarh road based Kalka check point.  In addition to 5 kilograms of RDX, over a dozen pistols and a large quantity of ammunition were also said to be recovered.

Haryana and Delhi Police Receive Wide Criticism

The Haryana and Delhi police have received wide criticism from Sikh organizations for trying to malign the image of the Sikh community.  It should be noted that the police named the Babbar Khalsa International responsible for the first failed terror plot without arresting anybody.  The second arrest, in which five persons were arrested, included not even a single Sikh.

In a special talk show conducted by the Sikh Channel UK, Bhai Jasbir Singh, Bhai Loveshinder Singh Dalewal (United Khalsa Dal UK) and Bhai Gurmukh Singh, said that the announcement that BKI is behind the terror plot holds no basis.  Talk show organizers repeated that although the Sikh community is in ongoing struggles to free its homeland from India, real Sikh freedom fighters have never attacked any innocent civilians.

The statements made at Sikh Channel headquarters resembled a court statement made by Babbar Khalsa Jathedar Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara who firmly denied his involvement in the May 2005 Satyam Cinema Blasts by saying he could never kill an innocent.  The talk show hosts said that the attempt to malign the name of the Sikh community by associating it with terror organizations will never be tolerated.


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