Dal Khalsa: Our mission is regaining Punjab’s lost glory and self-rule

HOSHIARPUR, Punjab—Notwithstanding a change of the government in the Punjab, Dal Khalsa held a ‘Khalsa March’ in memory of the Sikh warrior Baba Baghel Singh, revered by the Sikhs for his capture of Delhi and unfurling of the Sikh national flag atop the historic Red Fort and reiterated their mission for regaining Punjab’s lost glory and self-rule.

It was on this day 234 years ago that Baba Baghel Singh unfurled the Nishan Sahib at the Red Fort in Delhi and established the rule of the Sikhs there. Recalling the historic occasion, leaders of the Dal Khalsa extolled the military and political qualities of Baba Baghel Singh.

Hundreds of youth activists associated with Sikh Youth of Punjab’ led by its president Paramjit Singh Tanda hit the streets of the city carrying Sikh flags and banners to spread their message. The big size hoardings were displayed having photographs of Sikh Generals of yesteryear and recent Sikh struggle.

Unmindful of the statement of union minister Venkaiah Naidu, wherein he has said that Azadi slogans will invite action under sedition law, the activists raised the slogans of Azaadi and carried placards on which it was written  “Azaadi is our birthright and struggle to attain it is our commitment”. 

Party head Harpal Singh Cheema said the ghost of the SYL canal has cropped up again to haunt the people of Punjab. He said the digging of SYL was next to impossible and that the people of Punjab would not allow this to happen. ‘We will defend the rights of the state at any cost, said the head of the hardliner group. He said they would not allow robbing or taking away the waters forcefully with state’s might. If it will happen we have a right to oppose, protest and dissent. 

Delivering the keynote address at a convention held at local gurdwara, he talked of unfinished agenda of Punjab’s Sovereignty to ensure safety and respect for all its citizens irrespective of religion.

Referring to newly-elect CM Captain Amrinder Singh for containing the drug menace within four weeks of his forming the government, Kanwarpal Singh, spokesperson of the party observed that it’s easier said than done. He said a strong political will was needed to break the political-smuggler-police dirty nexus and end the political patronage to the drug peddlers.

Senior leaders H S Dhami  and Satnam Singh Paonta Sahib told the audience to stand united, meet the challenges thrown by external and internal forces inimical to Sikh interests and aspirations and avoid the bickering in the name of maryada as it has potential to divide the Sikhs vertically.

Others who were present include Baldev Singh Sirsa, Jasbir Singh Khandur, Mandhir Singh, Amrik Singh Issru, Ranbir Singh, Nobeljit Singh, Avtar Singh, Kulwant Singh Pheruman, Baba Hardeep Singh Mehraj, Surjit Singh Khalistani, Jagjit Singh Khosa. 

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  1. Man is born free but made slave in the name of law which comes from the pockets of politicians which protects majority & suppresses minorities.

  2. Free Punjab from evil blood sucking Indian government … one day they will go to war with Pakistan and all of Punjab will be in the middle and it will be destroyed which is why the territory needs to separate from evil India which has already killed 100,000 Sikhs and no justice and they protect the criminals and send their hideous army to Siri darbar Sahib and other gurdwaras and they have been oppressing Punjab ever since that bloody Nehru become the ruler of India in 1947… the whole Nehru and indira Gandhi family burned in hell and if this Rahul Gandhi clown thinks he can get a piece of the pie because the pig amrinder is the CM NOW well Rahul we never forget what congress did to Sikhs and we never forget your evil grandmother and your even more evil father who planned the burning of Sikhs with his congress goons after his evil mother was assassinated by her own bodyguards! ????????…. what a butt hurt loser she was, her OWN body guards assassinated her… that’s how evil she was that her body guards didn’t even want to protect her crusty evil ass!! She committed a big crime and after that Rajiv Gandhi made sure he did not have any Sikhs body guards because Sikhs wanted to asssianate him to because he was resposible for the anti Sikh violence in November 1984 …… thousands and thousands of Sikhs killed and little girls
    Raped by mobs of Hindu goons lead by congress party … disgusting India… suck a dumb and corrupt society and country and nation and it’s so ugly and Inhumane towards non high-caste Hindu population

  3. This Naidu RSS agent showing true colours stating azadi slogans will invite sedition charges…. You RSS gunde what was your Gandhi doing when the British were in power you have forgotten what its like to be second class citizen? double standards, SIKHS are not afraid and will always stay azad Lions never stay in cages….

  4. That is true that Hindus did save Sikhs.
    How ever the guilty of Sikh genocide -1984 need to be Punished.
    We need to build Punjab which is an Utopian state.
    Punjab is glorious and in Self rule by the Diaspora Sikhs.
    We were always born free and shall always live freely.

  5. These all are bully brigade . They will never be successful , because they are bully’s not real soldiers

  6. All Hindus of Punjab And India are RSS agent . What you Gona do about it . We will live in Punjab and follow the path of RSS . We are not afraid of your fake brave self praising stories

  7. Yogi ji became CM and BJP is winning in 4 states. Soon Whole India will be under the rule of BJP against the evil forces. Get ready for sleepless nights

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