SHOCK VIDEO: Fanatical Hindus Mimic Sikh Ardas At Badal Party Member’s Event

BATINDA, Punjab—Sikander Maluka, an Indian politician belonging to Badal’s Shiromani Akali Dal, has been filmed hosting Hindu fanatics as they imitate the Sikh ardas with their own words from their own faith.

A shocking revelation of further beadbi (sacrilege) from the Badal team as they attempt to erode Sikh values and traditions from within.

Sikander Singh Maluka – the person who hosted the provocative anti-Sikh program

Time after time, these supposed Sikh leaders have disrespected ancient sites, historical buildings, and Gurbani and Guru Granth Sahib themselves. The continuation of such large scale disrespect on the home ground of Sikhs continues.

Maluka, a Punjab Minister, invited and participated in this large scale beadbi by Hindu fanatics who can clearly be seen distorting the words of Guru Gobind Singh ji, in the ardas, as they replace the Gurbani with names of their own deities and idols.


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  2. Why are Sikhs in Punjab allowing this. It just shows we have turned into cowards. Can’t even hold out ground in our own homeland Punjab. Where are the NIhungs who are suppose to be the Vanguards of our faith.

    • If Sikhs weren’t enslaved and had their own country then these things just wouldn’t happen and also a lot worse things happen then Hindus mimicking ardas, there are so many cults and fake gurus in Punjab supported by the Indian government… if Hindus want to mimic ardas it just shows how pathetic they are, they mimic a lot of things and even in Amritsar, many Sikhs don’t know this but they tried to copy and make their own Siri darbar sahib complex and no one really goes there but google it for more information

  3. Hinduism is confusing religion, no
    One really knows who the real founders of the Hindu way of life is and the definition of what a Hindu is very vague and the caste system is very evil aspect of Hinduism that was added by Brahmins so they could continue to oppress and enslave the masses and not actually do any physical labour but become fake pandits and priests, god sent kabir and guru Nanak to this planet to shed light on the darkness of the South Asia region that was so barbaric and until this day, in this modern world India should still be considered barbaric because there’s is no rule of law and millions of children are modern day slaves and forced to work as child labourers, hundreds of Hindu pilgrims also die every month while they try to worship their god or goddesses so extreme overpopulation and no control of massive crowds also shows how uncivilized India is

  4. Time is not to fight , this is the time to understand the political plans . all these work is done to take the attention of punjab voters , the moment they fight with each other , result will be votes for the favoirable party ….. Shame on the media who nvr show the truth of akali leaders ….

  5. Why is any one surprised about this incident. It has been going on for ages. Outside forces will always try to destroy you. It is an age old saying ” you reap what you sow.” We have been drumming all our lives that we believe in one God and our our Guru is “Guru Granth Sahib ji” and nothing else. Just ask yourself is it true?. How come we have allowed bachittar natak to become our Guru, Since when we have allowed the true written words of Guru Granth Sahib ji being replaced by some said words belonging to other granth’s in our gurdwaras .(there is no documentation that any of that is hand written by Guru Gobind Singh Ji). How many of us has questioned these parcharaks coming from India that what they are preaching follow the philosophy laid down in Guru granth Sahib ji” and nothing else.Watch in our gurdwars next month when these Kirtanias and parcharaks sing about Hem Kunt and De shiva etc without mentioning they are praying to hindu dieties of Parbati, Durga etc.(dont take my word please listen to an audio put out by one Jaswant Singh and then decide).Please let us clean our house first and only then we can fight the outside forces .

    • I agree but the Sikh community cannot keep blaming this on themselves… Sikhs need to be educated that most important bani is siri Guru Granth Sahib and guru gobind Singh made Guru Granth Sahib the Sikh guru… guru gobind Singh never told Sikhs to go climb mountains and build gurdwaras there, these are all lies and Sikhs can debate this as a nation once they have their own nation until then they must focus on the
      Common enemy which is India and the traitors within the Punjabi community such as the evil badals and evil amrinder and also de shiva is not worshiping god, Sikh gurus used multiple names for god. Shiva is not referring to any Hindu god it is
      Simple referring to the True God that has no religion

    • I completely agree on this point.
      Growing up I never heard of “Dasam Granth” and suddenly now people are following it.
      We were only supposed to follow Guru Granth Sahib ji but now they have forgotten it.

  6. To all the Sikhs shouting abuse to these Hindus, most Sikhs accept Hinduism has influenced Sikhism. Why can’t you right wing extremists just accept it? You idiots are changing Sikhism just to make yourself look separate, you should be ashamed that the Pakistani attempt to separate and divide Punjab has infliratrated so high amongst your ranks that you are even changing the day of Diwali for Sikhs and other holy days. These days have a special astroligical “moorath” and by observing them on other days you are losing their effect. Don’t be so stupid.

    • I don’t know which religion you belong too .You want to follow all these astrological signs be our guest. From your comment it is clear you are pretty ignorant of sikh religion as well as of history. We idiots don’t need guidance from a person who basically is full of hatred of others.

    • You might appreciate the irony of calling Sikhs ‘right wing’ and ‘stupid’ if you had enough intellect to know that you were ignorant of basic facts as well as innate reactionary bigotry. Sikhs do NOT celebrate diwali because we don’t in the myth of the Ramayana. We celebrate a true life historical event that coincides with Diwali when our sixth Guru Hargobind was released from Gwalior Fort by the Moghul Emperor Jahangir which we call Bandhi Chorr Divas. Guru Hargobind Ji refused to leave his imprisonment unless 52 imprisoned Hindu Rajas were set free as well. Cleverly, he earned their freedom by turning the Emperor’s own words against him. To mark this occasion, the Sikhs celebrate Bandi Chorr Divas in honor of his release and Diwali in honor of his return to Amritsar. Sikhs do not believe in or celebrate diwali because we reject utterly the idea of auspicious days, astrology, superstition, Gods, Godessesses, demi Gods or demons or flying, talking monkey kings. In light of this FACT you then have to revisit and revise your assertion that Hinduism influenced Sikhism as I udnerstand you to mean that Sikhism is somehow an offshoot of Hinduism which it is not. Consider these FACTS about Sikhism – it believes in ONe God alone who has never been immanent, divisible or present on the earth in human form. That means we don;t believe in Hindu pantheon of deities or avatars, so no Ram , no Krishna etc. Sikhism utterly rejects idolatory so no worshipping of stones, statutes, pictures and not ringing of bells or ritualism. We don’t consider the cow or monkey to be sacred because we don;t believe in animal worship. We don’t believe the Ganga is sacred either nor do we believe in the caste system which is an abomination in the eyes of God. We reject superstition so don;t believe in auspicious days or astrology. We don’t revere the Bhagavad Gita but only respect it as being the holy scripture of our Hindu brothers. Our Guru Granth Sahib contains passages written both by Hindu and Muslim saints who have conception of God that agrees with compositions of our own Gurus. Hum Hindu nahin so of course there is a distinct difference between Hinduism and Sikhi. It is rather you who has forgotten the familial bond between the Hindu and the SIkh by refusing to respect our identity, history and basic theology. Educate yourself before you point your finger.

  7. Hindus cut the kesh of sikh person & now beadbi of ardaas and these incidents started after Modi announced 350th anniversary of Guru Sahib. They are showing something & doing opposite of that, attacking sikh principals. They are using Badal Dal for attacking Sikhs & Sikhi, and Badals are doing happily. Badal Dal have done a lot of damage to sikhs & Sikh principals since 1978 & there are sikhs who still follow them; by living with Hindus for centuries the soul of sikhs is also dying. Wellwishers of sikhs should make plan to fight against these anti sikh conspirators after the elections. At this time they are doing anything to provoke sikhs. Wait but don’t forgive.

  8. At this time best attack is no sikh should vote for Badal Dal in elections, even other Panjabies who wants harmony in Panjab.

  9. Hinduism really more of a culture than a religion, like a snake stealing Ardass from Sikhism, and trying to rob Sikhi. We will see if they even dare this if for Simranjit Singh Mann, or AAP, or even better Khalistan comes they will be murdered every last one of them who committed this heinous acts, these evil heathens!

  10. Come-on Guy’s, be gentle, It’s has been tradition of Sikhism to blame all over Hindus. All fingers of hands are not same, and every religion have it’s own positive and negative sides. So as per my thinking, the base of religion need to be such polished, that no body can interfere, so trust on yourself and Waheguru. Thanks

    • What nonsense you are talking. SInce when has it been tradition of Sikhism to blame all over Hinuds? HAve you totally forgotten the supreme sacrifices made for you by the Sikhs? Guru Tegh Bahadur gave up his life for Kashmiri Pandits. Khalsa soldiers again and again attacked baggage trains of afghans to rescue and return Hindu girls back to their villages. Sikhs gave up chance of recreating their own Sikh sovereign state again to join with Hindus to create India. And what is our thanks? To have Hindu deities put into our sacred Ardas. Better you tell your misguided Hindu brethren that they should respect their Sikh cousins instead of insulting and attacking them all the time.

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