Giani Pinderpal Singh Asks Sikhs Across The Earth To Do Simran At Same Time

LUDHIANA, Punjab—Panthik parcharak (Sikh nation’s respected) Giani Pinderpal Singh has made a humble request to Sikhs across the globe spiritually connect together by engaging in simran (meditation) at exactly the same time to commemorate and remember the sacrifice of the chaar sahibzade (Four Princes of Guru Gobind Singh).

In a message spreading fast on mobile phones and social media platforms Giani ji asks that Sikhs in all time zones should participate at the same time. His message reads as follows:

On 27th Deember 1705 the precise time of the Sahibzadey Shaheedi took place at 10.45am, (5.15am UK time).

To comemorate this hugely significant religious sacrifice. Every Sikh is humbly requested to recite Simran or Paath for at least 10 minutes in memory of Sahibzadey Shaheedi. Please leave all your jobs or other tasks for 10 minutes so that the whole world knows that we are remembering Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Sahibzadey.

The collective effort of meditating Sikhs worldwide should certainly result in an immense generation of positive reverberation across the earth.



  1. Yes I have listened to him .I am true follower of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. I follow the orders given by him that our only guru is “Guru Granth Sahib ji” and nothing else.I don’t follow any thing which is put together by mortals like us . I stopped listening to people who preach outside the banis of Guru Granth Sahib ji. if that is wrong then I don’t what is right. Wake up and follow what Guru Gobind Singh ji ordered you to do and not anything else.

  2. Who are you to talk against Giani Pinderpal Singh? Have you ever listened to Gianji? You sound like another RSS troller? Stop talking against your own people. If you got the balls than go straighten out the likes of Sajjan Kumar, Tytler, Badals, etc. Remembering the ultimate sacrifice of the Gurus’s Sahibjzdey is a good thing, nothing wrong with that.

  3. With preachers like this no wonder our religion is going downhill. Is this person following Bikrami or true Nanakshahi calendar. Also don’t we remember our beloved sahibzadas in our daily ardas. I do


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