[Video] Totally Biased: Sikhs vs. Sheiks


Sikhs vs. Sheiks: Can’t we all just get along? Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell.

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  1. This is worse than the fauja singh video.Now where are the sikh leaders ( so called mann faction) .It is a sick comedy on the victims of tragedy.
    I may be wrong but it is up to the American sikhs to sort this out.In India, the channels have apologized but now lets see how so called rakhwale of kam american sikhs tackle this.Or they are busy in a case agains Badal.

    • what are you talking about… he is making fun of US news media that they don’t have there facts straight about Sikhs. He’s making the fact that media outlets and majority of Americans are ignorant when it comes to sikhs. He just makes the point at the end that it doesn’t matter if it were Sikhs, muslims, christians who died…. The fact that human beings died in such away is horrendous and no human being deserves to die in such a manner.

  2. This is brilliant. No one is made fun of, save the politicos and the media outlets who either failed to think before they spoke or simply lacked the education to speak intelligently on the matter. Replacing great sadness with humour while imparting a bit of knowledge is a rare talent. That such a lesson will long be remembered by those who experienced it in such a novel manner is a special gift.

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