Watch: How the murderous regime of Beant “Singh” Ended in Punjab

On August 31 1995, Dilawar Singh Babbar assassinated Punjab Chief Minister Beant “Singh” at the civil secretariat in Chandigarh during a suicide bombing. This was in response to Beant’s heavy handed tactics in bringing about an end to the Sikh freedom struggle.

These tactics, as reported by Amnesty International, involved the widespread use of torture, rape, extra-judicial killings and unreported cremations.

According to the police, Jagtar Singh Hawara had motivated Dilawar Singh to act as a human bomb for the assassination of Beant. Beant was killed as he was stepping into his car outside the Punjab secretariat on August 31 1995. The bomb also killed fourteen others. History will remember Beant “Singh” as one of the most brutal rulers of Punjab ever and those that brought him to justice will be remembered forever as Sikh Freedom Fighters.


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