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The Khanda at Arlington National Cemetery

It has been ten years now since a brave Sikh soldier in the US Army was killed in combat in Iraq. I’ve been meaning to visit the military grave of Sargent Uday...

Part 1: The Sikhs and Gandhi

My first biases of Gandhi arose from the fact that, throughout his lifetime, Gandhi expressed many anti-Sikh views, ranging from attacking the symbols of the Sikh faith to encouraging Sikhs to abandon...

My Dearest Veer: A Rakhri Letter

My Dearest Veer, I haven’t tied a rakhri on your wrist for over a decade now.  I’ve heard the pain in your voice when you remind me of this fact.  I can see...

Journey of Raw Iron

“‘Look at the skilled blacksmith working steel. To the untrained eye, he’s merely repeating the same hammer blows, but anyone trained in the art of calligraphy knows that each time the blacksmith...

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