Bibi Jagir Kaur Inaugurates Third SGPC COVID-19 Care Centre, This Time in Her Former Legislative Constituency

  • SGPC is providing services free of cost to help COVID-19, infected patients
  • Meals and other services will also be provided
  • SGPC is also providing free ambulance services to assist patients
  • Fourth COVID care centre to be established soon

Third SGPC led COVID-19 care centre was today established in the town of Bholath here. This centre has been opened after SGPC had inaugurated two other care centres, namely at Gurdwara Alamgir Sahib and Sri Damdama Sahib. Bibi Jagir “Kaur” today inaugurated this COVID care centre, along with other prominent SGPC leaders and local doctors.

“COVID-19 is a dangerous infection, and it has impacted the masses worldwide. India is a very populous country, and the second wave has led to major devastation across every family. This is a battle we have to fight together,” Bibi Jagir said.

“SGPC is dedicated to protecting the Sikhs, but we will provide our services in all ways possible. Today, the Punjab Government has failed in providing resources to curb the rise of COVID-19 cases, so the SGPC has come forward to avail its services to the people,” she added.

She said that Kapurthala was in much need of a care centre. “Before the efforts by the SGPC, the entire district only had one working ventilator,” she added. While speaking with the press, the SGPC president expressed frustrations over the lack of action by the Punjab and Indian Government in providing needed resources. She said that due to inactivity by the Governments, SGPC has had to avail resources on its own from abroad.

She appreciated efforts by SGPC workers, doctors, nurses and volunteers for their dedication. Another COVID-19 care centre is going to be established in Patiala.


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