VIDEO – Importance of Village Sabhra in Sikh History (Part 1)

The village named Sabhra, situated on the bank of the Sutlej river, is renowned in Sikh history for the last battle fought between General Sham Singh Attari of the Sikh Khalsa Army and the East India Company of British rulers.

In this battle fought on February 10, 1846, the Sikh Khalsa Army led General Sham Singh Attari bravely faced the East Indian Company’s forces despite getting betrayed by the Dogras.

However, this village also has historical importance in the Sikh history for other two less known facts i.e.

  1. The great martyrs, Shaheed Bhai Sukha Singh and Shaheed Bhai Mehtab Singh, had got Thikars (which was depicted as currency in bags) to behead Massa Ranghar for the sins he was committing inside the holiest Sikh shrine, Sri Harmandir Sahib.
  2. The great Sikh martyr Baba Bir Singh Naurangabadi had attained martyrdom in this village while trying to forbid a clash with the Sikh Khalsa Army (being controlled by Hira Singh Dogra at that time).

To appraise our young generation about the importance of this village in Sikh history, Sikh24 will present three special videos shedding light on the historical importance of this village.

In the first video, renowned Kavishar Amarjit Singh has thoroughly narrated how our great martyrs got Thikars from this village which was later used to behead Massa Ranghar for his sins.

At present, a Gurdwara has been built on this historical place run by the Sarhali based Kaar Sewa sect.

Watch the full video to know how Shaheed Bhai Sukha Singh and Shaheed Bhai Mehtab Singh reached this village:

PART-1: Importance of Village Sabhra in Sikh History
Watch this video on YouTube.


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