Nomination of Khalsa Aid for Nobel Peace Prize adds to criticism of India’s NIA  

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—When India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) is summoning members of Khalsa Aid’s team working in India in connection with a case registered under “anti-national” and “unlawful activities” charges against the Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) activists in a controversial manner, humanitarian work of the NGO is being recognized on the international level as Canadian elected representatives of the people have nominated it for Nobel Peace Prize. The nomination has added to the criticism of the NIA.

With the support of Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) from Brampton south Prabmeet Singh Sarkaria and Brampton mayor Patrick Brown, Member of Parliament for Edmonton Mill Woods, Tim Uppal has taken such initiative by sending a three-page nomination letter to Berit Reiss-Andersen, Chair, The Norwegian Nobel Committee, Norway on January 14.

“For over 20 years @Khalsa_Aid has been helping people in desperate situations around the world. In my capacity as a federal Member of Parliament and with the support of @PrabSarkaria and @patrickbrownont, I am nominating Khalsa Aid for a Nobel Peace Prize”, Uppal said in a tweet.

The nomination letter carries entire detail of the contribution made by the NGO at the international level for the wellbeing of human beings. “Khalsa Aid International, inspired by the Sikhi ideology of “Sarbat Da Bhala” meaning of “well being of all” has been helping those in need regardless of race, religion, or borders”, it states.

“Khalsa Aid represents exactly the kind of international cooperation and commitment that the world is in dire need of today. This year alone they have assisted hundreds of thousands of people across the world experiencing different hardships. They have been providing protesters from across India with shelter, clothing, food, water, first aid kits, hygienic products, and even fire extinguishers at the encampment site by the Delhi border in India. Following the explosion in Beirut, Khalsa Aid walked collaboratively with local authorities to provide medics with essential medicines and supplies. In poverty-stricken communities that have been seen inequality exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, Khalsa Aid has provided food, clothing, and shelter to affected people,” the letter reads.

It further reads, “Since the beginning of the global pandemic, Khalsa Aid has been delivering groceries every Sunday to Canadians in need right across our vast nation. They have also provided meals for our local health care heroes working in our hospitals. As well, they have been great supporters of our annual tree planting campaign. We appreciate their efforts to help those less fortunate and to help support our work to combat climate change. As such, we believe Khalsa Aid is a very worthy international agency that has demonstrated effective work all around the world by providing much-needed assistance. We hope that your committee will recognize them with the Noble Peace Prize”.

Khalsa Aid founder Ravi Singh said in his tweet, “@TimUppal, Mayor of Brampton @patrickbrownont & the MPP for Brampton South, @PrabSarkaria have officially nominated Khalsa Aid for the Noble Peace Prize ! We are deeply humbled by this nomination”.

 “Happy to support my friend @TimUppal in nominating Khalsa Aid for the Nobel Peace Prize! For over 20 years, @Khalsa_Aid and @RaviSinghKA@jindisinghka and the team have been serving on the frontlines of almost every crisis across the world”, Sarkaria said in a tweet.

On the other hand, the NIA has sent notices to its Indian team that is working to aid the farmers agitating against three “draconian” laws of India’s Central government at the borders of Delhi in extreme chill.

Prior to this, a section of Indian media telecast programme branding Khalsa Aid as “terror” organization and disseminating that this organization was working to “disintegrate” the nation. Still, the Khalsa Aid functionaries are working day and night to facilitate agitating farmers.  

Pertinently, the criticism of the NIA over sending notices in the sedition case has been intensified by the nomination for Nobel Peace Prize. “Canadians MP’s nominated @Khalsa_Aid for the Nobel Peace Prize for it’s humanitarian works but on the other hand India’s NIA serving @RaviSinghKA summons for unlawful activities. what a shameful act of India’s Modi Govt to suppress the dissent”, said Adv Rajdeep Sandhu in a tweet.

Another Twitter user Jasveer Singh, “Only a Sikh charity could be investigated by a national superpower as a terror org in the same week they are nominated for a Nobel Peace prize. Putting fear into tyrants and helping humanity at the same time, this is the way of the Khalsa! Well done @Khalsa_Aid!”

“Where our democracy is going, UK & Canada is nominating @Khalsa_Aid for Nobel Piece Prize and we are issuing NIA notice for helping needy persons. Respected @RaviSinghKA Ji, as a citizen of India I’m sorry on behalf of Indian Govt. We the people of India are with @khalsaaid_india“, said Gurbrinder Singh Chahal.


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