December 4 – Latest Developments from the Farmers Protest

1. Farmers arrive from more states including Gujarat.
2. Cosmopolitan atmosphere as farmers from so many states show pyaar and solidarity.
3. Parkash Badal stunt to return accolades to india mysteriously timed to coincidence with notorious murder from Punjab Police Sumedh Saini getting bail. Seasoned followers know the politician know how to deflect news.
4. Indian news media outlets recognise that Kangana Ranaut got destroyed by Diljit Dosanjh.
5. Numerous cases filed against Kangana Ranaut including from DSGPC.
6. More celebrities turn up to morcha.
7. More sikhs return awards to Indian govt. Some do not accept awards offered to them now.
8. Another sikh passes away at morcha. Sangat now start a list of names.
9. Jathedar Jagtar Singh Hawaras father delivers message from Jathedar Sahib at the morcha.
10. Night time delhi temperatures are falling quick. Pictures of elders sleeping on tractors, under trucks, using Tyres as pillows.
11. Videos appear of police kidnapping small groups of farmers while they sleep on Thursday night.
12. Khalsa aid distribute mattresses and fire extinguishers.
13. AKJ and Sikh relief start distributing books so Sangat can educate themselves on Gurmat.
14. Sikh Relief and EK noor are providing medical care. Other groups distribute mosquito repellent.
15. Sikhs bring a tanker of milk for protestors.
16. Many Gursikh intellectuals still denied time on stage as well a staunch Punjabis like Deep Sidhu and Lakha Sidhana. They appeal for ekta and use social media platforms.
17. Germany Sangat join USA, Uk, Canada and Australia in holding rallies against Modi and Indian govt. Organisers ask that Sangat do not let Indian instigators create trouble in these rallies.
18. World Sikh Parliament holding online webinars on Sunday evenings in USA/Canada/UK and separately one in Australia so youth born abroad can get their questions answered.
19. Sikh PA launches update show.
20. Askshay Kumar snd Sunny Deol silence on matter is deafening.
21. Gurdas maan makes video to talk about himself, nothing about Punjab farming crisis.
22. Model Neelam Kaur posts pictures supporting farmers.
23. More international TV news media channels cover the protests including CNN.
24. Editors Guild of India issues media advisory against coverage of farmer protests. States that protestors should not be called terrorists or anti-national without any solid evidence.
25. Arnab Goswami, Republic TV and Zee TV carry on with their hate rhetoric. Other tv networks cool as they realize the khalistani narrative is stupid as all states are now represented.
26. Zee TV reporter faced chants of Ghodi media as protestors angry at Zee Tv coverage.
27. Ramdev, the yogi celebrity speaks in favour of Modi and calls farmers illiterates.
28. CBC reports, Huge network of fake sites by Indians are identified that spread propaganda.
29. Narinder modi, Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani effigies being burned in many states.
30. Hope is rising in Punjab for a new vibrant Punjab free from badals and Capt Amrinder singh.
31. Police presence outside UK london embassy. 100 Sikhs protesting, 1000 expected this weekend. Met Police issue letter.
32. BJP govt petition Supreme Court to remove protestors under covid legislation. Seen as a move to start using force against protestors.
33. Canadian High Commissioner summoned by Indian govt in protest to comments by Trudeau.
34. In unrelated matter Dr Narinder Singh Kaplany, renown Father of fiber optics passed away today.


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