December 3 – Latest Developments from the Farmers Protest

NEW DELHI, INDIA – DECEMBER 1: Farmers sitting at Singhu Border to protest centre’s farm reform laws on December 1, 2020 in New Delhi, India. (Getty Images)
1. Farmer negotiations fail as part of BJP policy of hoping the protests fall apart. Amit Shah still not attending meetings.
2. Kangana continues her tirade against common sense. Diljit Dosanjh and many others respond. Many reports to Twitter against her hate remarks.
3. Unconfirmed reports of 21 Punjabi elderly farmers have now passed away during protests.
4. A large group of motorcyclist with helmets on, start shouting pro Modi slogans near protests, but ride off when farmers approach them.
5. BJP IT cells depravity exposed online.
6. Yesterday’s attempt by a Hindu individual to bring a bomb to the protest site shocks the farmers. He was apprehended by farmers and handed over to the police.
7. Deputy Commissioner of Sonipat paid a gang of youths to disrupt morcha. Many caught and handed over to the police. They admit being paid.
8. Reports of Taxi drivers calling a strike to support farmers.
9. Doctors in india call a national strike on 11 December in a unrelated manner.
10. Punjabi / Sikh farmers are in Chardi kala. They are using this opportunity to network in this new found unity of Punjab. Plus do seva and Simran.
11. Deep Sidhu calls on NRI sikhs and Punjabi to take to Twitter to respond to hate messages from BJP IT cells.
12. Para military forces building up near the protests. They are refusing langar from farmers.
13. Sikhs around the world start protesting outside Indian embassies. They are vocal that Khalistan is not a dirty word but an aspiration for growing section of the community.
14. Parkash Badal returns his awards to Indian govt in a vain attempt to gain any credibility. However Punjab has moved on from disastrous leadership. Nobody cares about him.



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