After 73 years of Indo-Pak partition, Muslim owners still await Hindu tenant to come back and open lock of his shop

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—At the time of India-Pakistan partition in 1947, a Hindu shopkeeper doing business on a rented shop was forced to leave his shop in Loralai, Balochistan (Pakistan) as he had to move to India. He locked his shop while asking the owner of the shop not to open the lock and wait for him to return.

The owner assured him that nobody will open the lock of his shop and he will wait for him to return back.

Even after 73 years of India-Pakistan partition, the tenant shopkeeper didn’t return and the owners of this shop have not opened the lock of his shop.

It is learned that the main owner of this shop died a few years back but he had told his children not to open the lock and wait for the return of the Hindu tenant, whose surname was ‘Kakkar’.

Almost 73 years have passed, the shop is still locked. The shop still awaits the occupant who may never return, but the promise has been kept which was made 73 years ago.


  1. Loralai had a great number of Pashtun hindu, especially from Kakkar tribe. Kakar is one of the secong largest Pashtun tribe after yousafzai Pashtun. a huge number of thm migrated to India At the time of partition and later in 1992 after the babari mosque was demolished in India. the local still remember them. and they visit back and forth till 2000. Many Bollywood actors belong to Loralai and other Pashtun areas of Balochistan. Say Qadar Khan, Raj Kumar, Vivak Obray (father migrated from Loralai to India), Amjad Khan and other kakkar singer. We still have great memories of those Hindu brothers that migrated from their motherland.


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