Worldwide Chaupai Sahib March 11, 2018 for Jagtar Singh Johal’s Release

{CAPTION}LONDON, UK—31-year-old British citizen Jagtar Singh Johal remains in Indian custody, his detention surpassing 120 days entering the month of March 2018.

In his 30th pre-trial hearing, the judge ordered Jagtar back into judicial custody at Nabha Jail. He continues to be shifted back and forth between police and judicial custodies.

Because of the confirmed torture Jagtar endured 5-9 November, 2017 in Indian police custody, requests were submitted for an independent medical exam. More than 120 days later, he continues to be denied this examination.

In addition, no incriminating evidence or charge has been presented against Jagtar and he has been denied private meetings with consular services and British officials.

A worldwide Chaupai Sahib has been organized for Sunday March 11, 2018. Everyone is encouraged to organize Chaupai Sahib Jaap programs in Gurdwaras and at home for the immediate release of Jagtar Singh Johal.

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