Jagtar Singh Johal To Be Presented In Court Tomorrow; Ensaaf and Redress Issue Urgent Appeal

File Photo: Jagtar Singh Johal

KHANNA, Punjab—Scottish Sikh youth Jagtar Singh Johal, who is in custody of Khanna police in relation to FIR No. 119/16 pertaining to murder of Shiv sena leader Durga Prasad, will be presented before the Duty Magistrate of Khanna Amarjit Singh on December 19.  Jagtar Singh Johal was again sent to police custody for two days after the Duty Magistrate Amarjit Singh extended the police remand.

The upcoming court appearance will be important as during the previous hearing, Khanna police claimed to have obtained prominent information about serial murders in Punjab.  Details of their investigations were not shared, and it is expected that the police will be asked by the magistrate to provide information on their findings.

Meanwhile, two prominent human rights organizations Ensaaf and Redress have jointly issued a statement to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva seeking its intervention Jagtar Singh Johal’s case.

The joint press release states that Jagtar Singh Johal has been tortured and abused in the police custody.  “Mr Johal has remained in police detention without charge. He has been brought before a judge for remand hearings on at least 16 occasions. According to Mr Johal, for the last seven days he has been held alone in a cell, with a police guard present at all times. His left ankle and wrist have been chained using handcuffs 24 hours a day,” the press release states.


On November 4, 2017, Jagtar Singh Johal, was arrested while out shopping with his wife in Rama Mandi in Jalandhar city in Jalandhar district in Punjab, India, hooded and taken away by plain-clothes police officers from Bagha Purana police station. 

“From 5 November until 14 November, he was held incommunicado in an undisclosed location in Moga district, with no access to staff from the British High Commission, his family, lawyers or an independent medical professional, except for a brief conversation with his lawyer in public at a court hearing on 5 November. Mr Johal asserts that during 5 to 9 November the police interrogated and tortured him, including by means of electric shocks, forcing his limbs into painful positions and depriving him of sleep,” Ensaaf and Redress claimed.

Copy of the press release is available here.


  1. India govt and Punjab sarkar is anti Sikhs. Badal,Amrinder modhi are anti Sikhs.
    We as a Sikhs needs to raise our concern not only in international court of justice but also with human rights groups.
    Rather than making huge gurudawars, we should concentrate on the on going problems of Sikhs in India

    • LOL Yeah only YOU are “pro-sikh” – Badal, Amrinder and 19 million Sikhs in india are all “anti-Sikh”.

      Go and catch the feet and beg any “international court” or human rights groups you want – their words are less than DUST.

  2. The public has to wake up, humanity should not die, the country is sliding towards dictatorship, where a person can be the PM of the country after killing thousands of humans who belong to minorities.

    • LOL Yeah you and your dadda saw PM killing “thousands” right ?

      And what “public” are you talking about ? Why should Indian public care about some FIRANGI fake Sikh who doesn’t even have the courage to keep the pagadi but talks about Khalistan ?

      Your “Jassi” is some firangi terrorist sympathizer – and his life means NOTHING next to the safety and security of India. This Firangi Sikh is accused of killing INDIAN CITIZENS and being part of a terrorist group that is anti-India.

      The Public in India supports the POLICE and the Govt of India and the PM of India to protect INDIAN interests – not some FIRANGI SIKH terrorist .

  3. This is extreme meaness of a system where any innocent person can be kept in police custody & can be tortured for more than forty days.
    Humanity & justice is being tortured & the public of India is sleeping.

  4. Unless this case and others are taken up at International Level the corruption of the Indian Government will remain. There is no case against Jagtar Singh Jaggi the Punjab Police are making an example of Sikhs – our thoughts remains with him and his family. May Waheguru do kirpa and he comes back home.

    • You can go to “INTERNATIONAL” or “INTERSTELLAR” or “UNIVERSE” level – it means NOTHING to India. In India INDIAN LAW is supreme. UK, USA, UN or their baap are meaningless.

      In India Supreme Court, Constitution, Lok Sabha, PM and President are the powers.

  5. There is no way minorities can get justice in India.It is a well known fact that under torture one will admit to anything. After what Mr Jaggi has gone thru no intelligent person will believe what kind of case police will bring against him. May waheguru bless him with strength to bear this torture .


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