Attack On UK Sikh Political Activist and TV presenter

BIRMINGHAM, UK—A Sikh activist, Avtar Singh Khanda, was attacked yesterday, by two men in Birmingham. One man got away whilst the other was caught at the scene by Police, who arrived soon after incident.

It is unclear what the motive behind the attack may have been. However, many people are stipulating that the motives are suspicious and an attack to silence Mr Khanda.

Avtar Singh Khanda has been vocally critical of the Indian state for genocidal crimes and human rights abuses against Sikhs and other minorities. He is an advocate of an independent Sikh sovereign state and was last year smeared by the Indian media as a terrorist, without any proof to back their bold claims.

Family and friends have expressed their grief online as news of the attack spread.

Khanda presents a show on Punjab and Sikh politics on the satellite channel KTV (Khalsa TV). He is known to be a kind and caring man to many. Ravi Singh of Khalsa Aid also commented on social networks.

Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to contact West Midlands police at the earliest. Investigations by the police are ongoing.



  1. Victim gave statement and is Persuing matter. Truth & justice will prevail. Shame Sikhs are the worst to accept factual reality and blindly follow sensationalisation . Media should act responsibly and not instigate false assumptions and opinions. I condone the attack. Let’s wait and see evidence. Love to hear khanda’s side of events. Truth prevails ?

  2. You seems to all everything why is that? were you there? all fake news as you call it – and if it was why has not the attacker or as you call the victim’s news got around? The attacker is probably inside or taking legal advice at him out on bail until the court case proves otherwise.

  3. This is all fake news. Only one person was attacked by mr Khanda over a personal issue. The victim of mr Khanda’s attack is at home and taking legal advice. Cctv backs the victim and it was mr Khanda who was handcuffed. We will have to wait and see if the victim presses charges on mr Khanda and also litigates against the media for biased reporting and libel.

    • Indian agents are A BUNCH OF PATHETIC LOSERS …..??????shitface losers … nobody got time for your BS that you always write on this site … Indian government is always trying to silence Sikhs and misinform the public with their countless false news and agents

  4. Bhai Avtar Singh we are all standing with you and support you. Howsoever has done this will pay the price – cowards attacking one individual if you are so brave come out on TV and have a debate of course you cowards do not want to show your face. I pray to Waheguru that they lock you up and you get what you deserve from the inmates in prison.
    May Waheguru bless Avtar Singh and we see him again full of joy!!!


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