Bhai Harminder Singh Mintu Acquitted

PATIALA, Punjab—Bhai Harminder Singh Mintu was acquitted in an ammunition recovery case by a Patiala based Additional Session Judge Ravdeep Singh. Notably, Bhai Harminder Singh was indicted in an FIR No. 17/2010 registered in Police station of Nabha under sections 3, 4, 5 of Arms & Ammunition Act and sections 11, 13, 16, 17, 18, 20 of UAPA (Unlawful Activities Prevention Act).

Speaking to Sikh24, Advocate Jaspal Singh Manjhpur said that Harminder Singh has now been acquitted in 3 cases out of a total pf 4 cases registered against him. He added that Bhai Mintu is now facing trial of only one more case, relating to his fleeing from Nabha Jail.

Others, including Baba Bakhshish Singh, Bhai Jasvir Singh Jassa Manki, Bhai Harjant Singh Bijliwal, and Haqiqat Rai, were also indicted under the same charge, registered in 2010, and Harminder Singh was declared the main offender in this case. Later, Baba Bakhshish Singh and Haqiqat Rai were acquitted in this case and Bhai Jasvir Singh Jassa and Bhai Harjant Singh were delivered five years sentences.   

Harminder Singh’s legal counsel, S. Barjinder Singh Sodhi said that Harminder Singh’s arrest was shown in the case by bringing him on production warrants from Nabha Jail on December 12, 2014. He further shared that the Punjab Police weren’t to recover anything from Harminder Singha nd also failed in proving any contact of with any of the other accused.



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