Dal Khalsa Meets Mann To Discuss World Sikh Parliament Launch in UK

FATEHGARH SAHIB, Punjab—President of the Dal Khalsa, Bhai Harpal Singh Cheema, paid a visit to the President of Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar), Bhai Simranjit Singh Mann, to deliberate upon the constitution of World Sikh Parliament which was launched by worldwide Sikhs, in the UK, a moth ago. The two leaders underwent a meeting at Qila Harnam Singh in Fatehgarh Sahib on September 7.

Simranjit Singh raised questions over the constitution of the World Sikh Parliament, he stated that only Takht Jathedars (appointed by ‘Sarbat Khalsa-2015’) possess the right to constitute a World Sikh Parliament.

According to a press note shared with Sikh24 by the two groups, it has been learned that the two leaders have wish to once again conduct a meeting, after discussing the matter with their party members.

The WSP was launched in August, with membership from Sikh leaders from Europe, Australia, UK, USA and others. The aim is to network existing Sikh bases across a number of other countries across the world and coordinate a one voice effort in forwarding Sikh policies and needs.



  1. Learning from 19 Century MASSACRES and GENOCIDES

    1) 1919 : Jalliana Wala Massacre :– Ideology :——— IMPERIALISM
    2) 1932 : WW- 11 :—————- Ideology :—– RACISM & FASCISM.
    3) 1947 : Partition riots.:—————–Ideology :—— FANATICSM.
    4) 1984 : Genocide -84 :—————- Ideology :– — FANATICSM and HYPER NATIONALISM
    1) Imperialism
    2) Racism
    3) Fanaticism
    4) Hyper Nationalism
    5) Fascism

    We all live in an Multi religious ,Multi National and a Multi Racial World

  2. Yes it is an good suggestion.
    Since 1848 when our Ranjit Singh Kingdom was Dismantled.
    We have been only been ruled and killed .by different central Rulers of Delhi at different points of time.
    1) 1919 :– Jallianawala Bagh
    2) 1947 :– Partition killings
    3) 1984 :– Congress ruler Killings
    We can still set up lot of of things inspite of having lost the Kingdom in 1848
    We can survive best as an of today as an


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