Jagmeet Singh Rallies For NDP Vote Drive In Brampton


BRAMPTON, Ontario, Canada—The campaign for Jagmeet Singh to win the leadership drive for the federal (national) NDP party took place on home ground yesterday, following on from a Canada-wide tour that has garnered much support from all quarters.

Singh shared that in just two months from now, voting takes place for the leadership position, for which all NDP members will be requested to vote.

Within the next few days, members will receive voting cards, on which they will be required to mark their candidate selection. Advice was given on how to follow procedure to prevent rendering the vote cards void through mistakes or errors.

Jagmeet Singh was cheered and applauded when he talked of some of the policies he and his party having being pursuing, such as fair and equal treatment of the indigenous, tackling unfair carding, environmental focus and fairer taxing.

His campaign has increased the party’s membership by over 47,000 people and raised over 300 thousand dollars in a record amount of time.

With this rate of popularity growth, Jagmeet Singhs chances of succeeding get stronger and stronger. His Facebook and other social media reach has also mushroomed exponentially, especially in comparison to his rival candidates.

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