Punjab Gov Purposefully Creating Fear And Panic Says SGPC

File Photo: SGPC’s General Secretary        S. Amarjit Singh Chawla

AMRITSAR SAHIB, Punjab—Taking on the Punjab government for creating a terrorizing environment in Punjab, the SGPC’s General Secretary S. Amarjit Singh Chawla has said that it was a highly deliberated policy of Punjab government of drawing the Sikh community into a clash with the followers of the rapist Sirsa cult chief. He has said that the Punjab government was creating an environment of panic by creating unnecessary check posts in Punjab and harassing the commuters for no reason.

 Chawla has said that the cult disciples had moved a complaint against Gurmeet Ram Rahim of raping them and murdering witnesses. He added that the Sikh community has nothing to do with it so how could the Punjab government claim a possibility of clash between Sikh community and Sirsa cult disciples could happen?

“The Punjab public were adopters of high moral values and they wouldn’t be shaken or stirred by the court’s punishment to a rapist. They don’t place any value to such a characterless personality”, he added.

Chawla has also appealed to the Punjab government to take notice of the threats being passed by the Sirsa cult disciples and arrest them at the earliest so that they could be stopped from disturbing the environment of Punjab. 



  1. It may be a repeat of 13 Apr 1978 Baisakhi.
    They may kill few Sikhs.
    Then Punjab govt may not book the Guilty.
    Then a Jarnail Singh -2 avenger may rise.
    We may again get a label of TERRORISTS and KHALISTANIS.
    Then the 1980-90 cycle repeats itself with blue star’s -2 and Genocide.-4
    Be careful and
    Just STAY away a mile apart from them.

  2. They are the Neo Nirankaris
    They may attack Sikhs like the way Nirankaris did on 13 Apr 1978.
    Just stay away from them.
    They may be on payroll of Empire to act as


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