Indian Intelligence Fears Unrest In Punjab In Next Few Days

PATIALA, Punjab—The Punjab government has brought in 19 companies of paramilitary forces and about 10,000 Punjab police contingents and deployed them in Patiala, Barnala and Sangrur districts, due to fears of widespread unrest throughout Punjab over the next few days.

This is in the wake of an expected verdict against Gurmeet Ram Rahim in an ongoing case involving charges of rape and physical assault of a female disciple, which is due in court on August 25, in a special CBI court. Indian Intelligence had asked the Punjab & Haryana police to make prior arrangements to control any untoward incident in those states.

Interacting with media on August 19, the Deputy Inspector General of Patiala force, Dr. Sukhchain Singh Gill, said that the Punjab police have been briefed  to tackle any and all elements who may cause a disturbance in law and order. He said that the Barnala district is being considered as most priority, while Sangrur and Patiala are being considered on second and third priority, respectively. He added that 6th Company of the paramilitary have been deployed in Barnala, while 8th & 5th companies have been deployed in Sangrur and Patiala respectively.

On August 17, a special court of the CBI reserved it’s verdict for the August 25 in a case pertaining to the physical assault of a female disciple by the self-styled Sirsa cult chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim.



  1. Sikhs are not a monolith having one OPINION.
    We all have different opinions.
    A strong Punjab Police is good for Punjab and its people.

    • Sikhs do have a variety of opinions…but not ones more aligned to Hinduism. Another foolish comment from Harinder Sharma. A strong Punjab wouldn’t need a strong police force.

  2. Harinder – get a life. That’s not even your name. Your opinions are not of a Sikh. Why are you scared of revealing your true Hindu indentity. Ashamed?

  3. Punjab Police should be the BEST in the world
    It should
    1) Upgrade Punjab Police to NYPD or London Police
    2) Make Security of Punjab “AIR PORT LIKE”
    3) Punjab Police to have an AVIATION WING
    4) Punjab Police to have ARMOUR PERSONNEL CARRIER
    5) Have Intelligence of CIA standards
    6) Have Crack commandos in every police station


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