1984 Sikh Genocide: Murder convict Balwant Khokhar given bail by Delhi High Court

NEW DELHI—Murder convict and a former Congress councilor Balwant Khokhar was reportedly granted bail by the Delhi High Court on July 20.  Khokhar was released on the bail bond of mere Rs. 25,000 and property worth same amount.  The Court also directed the bail beneficiary to not to move out of the Delhi state’s province and not to try to influence the victims of the case.

Balwan Khokhar, Captain Bhagmal, Girdhari Lal and two other were sentenced to life in a case pertaining to the murder of five members of a family in Raj Nagar area of Delhi Cantonment on November 1, 1984.

Due to Khokhar’s attempt to pressurize eye witnesses in this case, the CBI had opposed his plea.

Another convict Captain Bhagmal was also granted bail by the Court in March 24 to take care of his ill wife. Later, his bail was extended on medical grounds till July month and he had surrendered on July 17 after his bail was challenged by the CBI.


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