Gurbani Word Of The Day: Suk

ਸੁਕ (suk)
Meaning: noun: Suk/Shuk or Sukdev/Shukdev, son of the sage Veda Vyas.

ਜਾਤਨ ਜਾਤਿ ਦੇਖਿ ਮਤ ਭਰਮਹੁ   ਸੁਕ ਜਨਕ ਪਗੀਂ ਲਗਿ ਧਿਆਵੈਗੋ॥
jaatan jaati dekh mat bharmahu   suk janak pagee lag dhiaavaigo
Do not be deluded by considering someone lower among higher castes. Sukdev (a higher caste) used to bow at the feet of Janak (a lower caste) and meditate
– Guru Ram Das Sahib, Guru Granth Sahib, 1309

Message: Neither your stature or class confers wisdom

Do you hesitate or mind if you have to seek instructions from a person lower than your social standing, qualification or rank?

If you do, then you are valuing appearance over wisdom and experience.

Gurbani and Sikh history ask us to appreciate and value spiritual wisdom and experience, not appearance or social standing, etc.

Humble yourself before the wise, virtuous and talented, even if you belong to a higher class or a prestigious family.

Even the first six Gurus humbled themselves to the wisdom and spirituality of Baba Budha Ji.

Sukdev (a Brahmin) was sent by Vyas to acquire knowledge from King Janak (a Khatri), who was considered to be wise and enlightened.

The legend of Sukdev shows us that in spite of being from a higher caste, he didn’t let his mind waver and bowed before Janak, apparently from a lower caste. He humbly and firmly sought spiritual knowledge from Janak, and thus, proved to be a renowned scholar.

Let us learn to be humble and respectful while we join the company of devotees (sadh sangat).

An attitude of humility combined with a seeking mind opens the doors to wisdom from the Guru, especially when we allow a person of any stature or age to be our mentor and guide.

Etymology: From Sanskrit shuk (parrot); Sukdev’s father named him so because the story of his birth relates to a female-parrot.



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