India Uses Agents To Interfere With Politics In Canada

OTTAWA, Canada—There have been reports of members of the Indian community in Canada being approached by men with links to the Indian High Commission in Ottawa, dissuading them from voting or supporting Jagmeet Singh’s leadership race for NDP party.

This appears to show India’s direct interference in the political process in Canada, attempting to work against Sikh members of parliament. The Canadian news outlet The Globe & Mail first published the revelation, and also reported that the Indian high commission refused numerous requests for comment on the matter.

Jagmeet Singh MPP, is currently a strong front runner in the NDP leadership in Canada and is seen as a high profile politician with far reaching success and support across Canada.

Unsurprisingly, however, he has been blacklisted from visiting India due to being a voice for human right’s abuses in India. He has often highlighted the severe persecution that minorities in India have had to suffer. The plight of Jains, Dalits, Muslims and Christians is similar to the experience of the Sikhs in Punjab, who have faced large scale torture and extra-judicial killings by the Indian government. Evidence of mass killings of male youth and discriminate policies against the people of Punjab have been widely reported by human rights organizations such as Amnesty International, who have documented an exorbitant number of such cases. Ironically, India is sometimes described as the world’s largest democracy.

File Photo – Rob O’Flanagan (Guelph Mercury)

Jagmeet Singh fondly displays a very large painting of Harmandar Sahib, Amritsar (the Golden Temple), on his office wall in parliament building in Toronto, the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. He says he emotionally views the painting daily, as he is currently unable to visit in person due to India’s ban on him travelling there.

India’s dubious accusations against Sikhs

Refusing entry to Sikhs like Jagmeet Singh for simply vocalizing criticism of India’s proven track record of abuse, simply further highlights, to countries like Canada, that India’s assertions against the Sikhs are highly questionable and casts a dark shadow on India’s approach to democratic values.

Strong indications of the Indian governments involvement in the bombing of a Canadian passenger plane in the 80s, which implicated many Sikh activists, was noted and recognized by the Canadian judiciary; so the lengths of India’s dangerous and underhanded deceptions are well known.

India’s efforts to attempt to interfere with Canadian politics against a Sikh MPP points further towards the lengths that India is prepared to go to undermine Sikhs, simply due to Sikhs being a strong voice of criticism against India’s record of abuse.

Only in the last few days, the Indian PM, Narendra Modi himself tried to sway the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, by making accusations against Sikh human rights organizations and activists by describing them as separatists and terrorists.

In the meantime, however, Jagmeet Singh’s popularity and supporter base grows as he receives more and more endorsements from politicians across Canada. He candidly acknowledges that his open minded and highly moralistic approach to politics is underpinned by his upbringing within the values of Sikhism.



  1. GOD will bless CANADA .
    They gave shelter to SIKHS when the Newly formed Nation India citizens started to do GENOCIDES of its own citizens.
    Sikhs are not Extremists .
    Those who did the GENOCIDE of SIKHS are.

    • Like 1600-1700 years ago the Ashoka has adopted Buddhism leaving hinduism.
      He has propagated and promoted Buddhism in this country.
      Akhand Bharat
      (India,Pakistan,Afghanistan,Bangladesh) and the people adopted Buddhism at such a high level that most of the moolnivaasis(SCHEDULE Castes) adopted and many others.

      Mahatma Buddha don’t believe in casteism and also they don’t consider Brahmans as superior.

      This is the problem with upper caste hindus and brahmans.
      At that time Jain people and Buddh People has given options by brahmans make agreement like,right after the ashoka empire(Buddhists empire)

      U hv to adopt Hindi language.
      And many other agreement and accords jains does that agreement with upper caste hindus but Buddhists not sacrifice their originality of religion.

      And then upper caste hindus killed 12 lakh Buddhist in this Akhand Bharat(Afghanistan,Pakistan,India,Bangladesh).
      And cut down the roots of the Budd religion from this region.

      And the other Buddhists take shelter in Tibet,China,myanmar,cambodia,laos,vietnam,korea,japan etc.
      And then Buddhism flourish in this countries.
      And other become moolnivaasis (SCHEDULE Castes).

  2. Brilliant! Let the jealous, insecure, Hinduistic-Indian mind burn in its own jealousy and insecurity. When is India going to dare to take on China, or is India just about rhetorical bravado as ever. Harish Sharma are you going to run and join the Indian army in its war against China, or will your kind simply send the Sikhs, Dalits and others to die and fight for your kingdom as ever!

  3. Harish I agree Hindus need to defend themselves from all invaders especially those who want to hurt or Kill them.
    All rulers of India who killed Hindus have gone by grace of God’s.
    The only threat is from Terrorism or Communal flare ups.
    So for that what Hindus got to do is

    1) Have 5 layered fence on the Borders
    2) For communal flare up have a strong Police and Judicary and a harmonious relationship between people of India of different faiths.

  4. @Harish Sharma : Answer to your Question when a Tea Seller Killer Modi can become PM of india , where as Jagmeet Singh MPP is educated and don’t have any criminal records …. Before pointing finger check your own house , How many criminal are in your Parliament, With Killer PM Modi.

  5. Harish they are not EXTREMISTS .
    They have been Banished from their Kingdom.
    They are actually citizens of Ranjit Singh Kingdom which the BRITISH dismantled after the ANGLO -WAR in 1848.
    They are like the Pandavs and Ram who were sent into EXILE.

  6. India has every right to protect its citizen from extremists . All intelligence agencies like CIA , Mossad , do that . I am happy that India is doing proactive role . I am really surprised how come a extremist can run for election . It’s abig shame for Canada

    • Mr shama honrable jagmeet singh is not extremist. What about your view on mass muderer modi in Gujarat who is ironically pm of India

  7. Disgusting India in fear of Sikhs tries his gunda gardi and thinks it can interfere with other countries politics? Well you cannot – and as for Jasmeet Singh and Harjit Singh and other Sikh politicians in around the world we are proud of you and may waheguru always shed his kirpa on you and one day India will dissolve and you will be able to go and do darshan at Darbar Sahib.

  8. It is strange that a man can’t visit his homeland just because two new countries were born in 1947 .
    Thanx to the British Empire and its friends in new Nations .
    Wish he is able to visit Golden Temple in his life Time.

  9. These people are just jealous of Sikhs, to cover their inferiority complex they are interfering in all the Sikh matters.

  10. “Utt te khuda da vair hunda ” don’t worry Bhai sahib KS, Vaheguru will soon listen to your ardas. If you want to straighten the tail of dog, you have cut it in small pieces & then stitch it.


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