Across Globe Sikhs Remember 1984 Amritsar Attack

AMRITSAR SAHIB, Punjab—In major cities throughout the world, tens of thousands of Sikhs solemnly gathered in remembrance of the attack on the Sri Harmandar Sahib (the GoldenTemple), in Amritsar in 1984.

London, Toronto, Amritsar, San Francisco and many others saw similar sea of orange and blue and thousands flocked to the streets during parades, seminars and events. Tens of thousands in each city lined up the streets as kirtan (singing), simran (meditation) and speeches echoed through the air.

In Canada, even the mayor of Brampton, Linda Jeffrey, joined in the remembrance day parade, joining thousands of Sikhs in recalling when the Indian state killed thousands of innocent Sikhs in the holy shrine in Amritsar.

In June 1984 the Indian government attacked Gurdwara Sahibs across Punjab simultaneously on the  day that Sikhs flock to Gurdwara Sahibs to remember the martyrdom of the fifth Guru, Guru Arjan Dev Ji. The extra influx of gathering congregation resulted in the tragic slaughter of dozens of thousands, which in-turn, triggered a decade of an armed uprising against the state by the Sikhs.



  1. 1980-90 was a TRAP laid out by several forces inimical to Sikhs .
    The Forces aligned included were Religious ,Nationalist and Imperialist in nature.
    Till we understand RELIGION ,NATIONS and EMPIRES we will be subjected again to GENOCIDES and EXTRA JUDICIAL KILLINGS.

  2. Any Violence which is not sanctioned by

    1) Empire or
    2) Nation

    Will be labelled as TERRORISM and will expose you to the risk of a Genocide or Extra judicial killings,

  3. Sant Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa was our religious leader & preacher, shaitan Indira labeled him terrorist with the help of media, he will live in the hearts of Sikhs forever.

  4. The world should know that Indira has done this massacre only in the name of nationalism, whose seeds were sowed in 1947 by Nehru, Patel & Gandhi by deceiving sikhs. To the world she misguided by saying sikhs are terrorists & they are asking for separate country. The people of panjab know upto 1984 no body was asking for Khalistan, even if someone asked Sant Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa about Khalistan, his reply was ‘we are not demanding Khalistan, but more rights for people of panjab, but if army attacks Darbar Sahib, then the foundation of Khalistan will be laid down.”

  5. Indian state is in the realm of Empire and any rebellion will be dealt by

    1) KPS Gill 2,3,4
    2) Blue Star 2,3,4
    3) Genocide 4,5

    No one can Rebel any where on this planet EARTH as it is under control of EMPIRE.

  6. You try a rebellion again and see the fun.
    Remember Nation creation and destruction are the function of EMPIRES.

  7. Your comments are typical and have no value. All this shows Sikhi spirit is alive and truth will prevail.

  8. Last time we rebelled we were scattered around the Globe.
    Next time if we rebel the EMPIRE may decide that enough is enough and may decide to dump us into

    1) Another planet if it is in good mood.
    2) In a Black hole or even Space in case it is in foul mood.

    So be careful and Beware of

  9. Moral of Story.
    Never congregate in one geographical area.
    One is an easy Target to hit in this dangerous world we live in.
    Also don’t break Nations laws.
    Respect any Nation and love its people.


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