UK: Tom Watson Challenges Boris Johnson on 1984

LONDON, UK—In a live radio interview Labour Party Deputy Leader, Tom Watson accused Boris Johnson that “he was either mistaken or he was deliberately trying to mislead” when Boris had said “no more documents exist” in relation to UK Government involvement in the events of 1984 in Amritsar, Punjab.

Tom Watson was referring to comments made by Boris Johnson in response to a question from a member of the congregation during Boris Johnson’s campaign visit to a Gurdwara in Bristol.

Following the radio interview Labour’s Deputy Leader Tom Watson said, “Boris Johnson should answer the question put to him on Wednesday.  Are there any further documents relating to British involvement in the military action at the Golden Temple in 1984 and the UK government’s response to subsequent events in the years that followed?  He cannot use evasive language as he did on Wednesday and hope this issue will go away. 

Tom added, “He should also disclose why the Conservatives won’t give a manifesto commitment to an independent inquiry into collusion between Margaret Thatcher’s government and the Indian government at the time of the massacre, as the Labour Party has promised do.  British Sikhs deserve to know the truth.  Mr Johnson must end the prevarication and provide them with the answers they have patiently waited for.”

Vice Chair of Sikhs for Labour, Gurinder Singh Josan said, “This is incredibly important for U.K. Sikhs.  The revelation that the Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government in 1984 and UK forces could have been involved in the Indian army attack on the Golden Temple complex was totally shocking.  Boris Johnson and his colleagues may not be to blame for that but they certainly do have the responsibility to put this right now.”

He added, “Tom Watson and the Labour Party have given a clear manifesto commitment in this election to hold an independent public inquiry.  The Conservative party has so far failed to do the right thing but must now address this.”

Footage of Tom Watson’s radio interview at Raaj FM on 18th May 2017 can be seen here:


  1. The Empire has been systematically dismantling the erstwhile Sikh Nation of Ranjit Singh in several steps .

    1) 1840—- Anglo-Sikhn war when the prince was taken away by the Empire.

    2) 1919 — Jallianwala Bagh massacre

    3) 1947 – – Bifurcation and loss of sovereignty by Punjab by Empires man. Called Cyril Radcliffe

    4) 1966 – -Trifurcation of Punjab by an Empires party called Congress

    5 ) 1984– Genocide of Sikhs by an Empires party called Congress by calling Sikhs demand of Anand Pur Sahib resolution as an rebellion or an separatist document.

  2. 1984 was a conspiracy between Indira India and Margaret Britian to subdue the aspirational Sikhs by an

    1) Op Blue star
    2) Genocide -84

    This was done to sit on the throne of India which is an poroduct of British Empire.


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