Jathedar Hawara Wants Sikhs Not To Clash Over Ideological Differences

NEW DELHI, India—Expressing deep concern over incidents of violence in Gurdwaras in Europe, the Akal Takht Jathedar, Singh Sahib Jagtar Singh Hawara, has appealed to the Sikh community to refrain from raising controversial issues. He has directed Sikh masses to form a robust unity within the community to tackle existing challenges facing Sikhism.

File Photo: Jathedar Jagtar Singh Hawara

Commenting on the attack on the Sikh preacher Bhai Panthpreet Singh in a Gurdwara Sahib of Germany, Jathedar Hawara has said that becoming violent towards a fellow Sikh who doesn’t adhere to our ideology was not right at all. He said that it was very unfortunate that the Sikhs were becoming a source of humour for their rival communities.

He has directed the whole Sikh world to sort out their ideological differences in constructive ways and not to indulge in internecine confrontations. He has further asked Sikhs to direct their anger towards the enemies of Sikhism who aim to destroy the whole of Sikhi.

Appreciating the initiative of Anandpur Sahib based group of Sikh youths, Jathedar Hawara has advised the whole community to unite Sikh ideologues on a common platform to form a panel who could act as a ‘Think Tank’ for the Sikh community. 



  1. Once you change your Nation or join an Organisation which asks you to pledge your loyalty you will land up fighting each other.
    It is very difficult to not be a Nationalist or an loyalist which are cherished qualities in any human.

  2. The reasons of conflicts, maybe due to proud, jealousy, or greed; perhaps we are not following Guru Sahib’s teachings properly.

  3. We need to join institutes or Nation who are not anti Sikh.

    In case we join we must have an exit clause in case it turns Anti- Sikh in future.

  4. It will be very difficult to overcome ideological difference whom we have sworn or pledged once we belong to different Nations and Organization’s.


    1) Sikhs living in Pakistan and India or other countries may face each other on Border.

    2) Sikhs in Army and. Police who have sworn to defend the constitution may again have to face Sikhs who oppose the Constitution or Nation.

    To not fight each other the only way forward is to have a clearance from SGPC before we can join a particular Nation or Organisation.


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